I had to give your question serious consideration since a friend of mine was selling a brand of one, EcoQuest, and I wanted to help him professionally without just throwing money away, and I, like you, have allergy problems, along with a history of asthma, and I live in a very green part of Texas, in the middle of the woods by choice. I “researched” the matter as seriously as I could without feeling like I was going round and round with all the claims and counter claims about whether it worked or not. Finally, I just gave up and decided to trust my friend and his claims about how it cleaned the air, etc., and bought his product. It has a “filter” or whatever, that we put in each of our central airconditioning piping or whatever you call it, which amounted to three “filters” since we built a bigger house and had three central a/c units put in, and then it had a “blower” or whatever you call it that we put in our biggest downstairs room and have running 24/7 as recommended. Now, after all that information I gave you, and the fact that we’ve had it running almost as long as we have had our new house, about 3 years, I can tell you that I’m not sure whether it works or not. Oh, it works in that the “blower” blows, and our electric bill is slightly elevated because of it, but I can’t say whether my allergies have been “conquered” and my asthma held at bay or not. Currently, as we speak, I’ve got sinus congestion as usual for the time of year and living directly in the midst of all this wonderful greenery. Nothing severe, but just a discomfort. The amount of dust supposedly to be eliminated by such a mechanism is still a question, and I do need to clean my desk and dust it as we speak, but am too lazy as usual. And wouldn’t you know that as I was typing this reply, the commercial for the “Ionic Breeze Quadra” air filter was blabbing as usual on the television behind me. I think at this point it’s kinda psychological. I want to believe we didn’t waste our money, so, I’ll try to be optomistic, but, if the bare facts were to be gathered, I think it’d prove that I wasted my money. I can tell you that, in the Springtime, when all the pollen is bursting forth from the budding trees and other vegetation, and covers everything with a definite green color, the same pollen dust comes into our house, albeit to a lesser degree, and that’s the biggest indication that this “air purifier” stuff may just be “one big ********” by the perpetrators of the bullshit, pardon my english here. My new house is well insulated and has tightly fit windows, but still, green pollen dust finds its way in, to some degree. Maybe I just expected too much from it. I know I’ve typed a lot of stuff for you to read in hopes of giving you some kind of idea of how the product I purchased, made by a company called EcoQuest, worked, or didn’t work. My wife just came in and learned of my attempt to answer your question and she just said to tell you that it doesn’t work immediately but takes about 6 months before you’ll notice anything. I do think she’s correct here, but, that’s her perception. She is very attentive to things like this, so, her perception might be more valuable than mine. One thing I can tell you is that you can’t leave your windows open for fresh air if you have one of these things and expect them to work. Also, using a fireplace makes it almost useless because of all the smoke and fine ash that a fireplace puts out, so, . . .. We do open our windows in more pleasant weather, and we do use our fireplace in the winter, so maybe our lifestyle, and many peoples’ similar lifestyles, makes these “air purifiers” useless, so . . .. Sorry for all the words, but as much as I gave thought to it all before spending the money, I just tried to give you the advantage of our “research” and experience. I wish you the best of luck in making a choice and having the product work for you if you choose to buy it. God Bless you.