Jakarta – Air purifier that has (high-efficiency particulate air) HEPA filter considered effective in preventing the transmission of COVID-19 indoors. This was conveyed by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) research or the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

HEPA is a type of mechanical air filter that is capable of filtering 99.7 percent of dust, pollen, bacteria, fungi, and other air particles measuring 0.3 microns (µm).

Excerpted from the Encyclopedia Britannica HEPA filter actually been developed since the early 1940s. Initially this tool was used on the Manhattan Project to capture radioactive particles released during the process of making the atomic bomb.

HEPA filters were then introduced commercially in the next decade to remove viruses, bacteria, airborne mold, pollen, human hair, and particulate matter from the air in buildings. However, the standards and certification process were not established until 1983.

In the current implementation of the COVID-19 Emergency PPKM, the use of an air purifier that has a HEPA filter is also recommended by the government. This is stated in the Instruction of the Minister of Home Affairs (Inmendagri) Number 15 of 2021 concerning the Emergency PPKM for the COVID-19 Java-Bali Region.

This is what the bullet points say about the recommendation:

Carry out tightening activities and education with the following principles:

7. h. ventilation considerations can be applied as follows:

1) outdoor activities have a much lower risk of transmission than indoors; and

2) the room should always be endeavored to have good air ventilation. Opening doors, windows can be done to reduce the risk of transmission. If the door or window cannot be opened, an air purifier with High Efficiency Particulate Air or HEPA filter can be used indoors.

In addition to being found in water purifiers, HEPA filter It is also used in aircraft. This tool is useful for keeping the air inside the aircraft clean.

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