Fallout 2 Air Purifier Parts

fallout 2 air purifier parts

Our air purifier’s broken. It’s on the bottom level. We’ve got no parts, and we’ve got no protective equipment. Without the parts, we can’t fix it. Without the protection, the radon gas’ll nail us. Are you any good with your hands? Fix the mine’s air purifier is a side quest in Fallout 2. To complete it, the Chosen One must retrieve the mine air purifier parts from New Reno, and then go into the mine itself to fix the purifier. Talk to Zaius inside the house outside the Broken Hills mine’s entrance. He will tell the Chosen One the mine needs parts for the air purifier and asks him to go to New Reno to pick them up. He can either take the reward for money, or decline and receive a combat shotgun when finishing the quest. The mine purifier can not be fixed without the right parts so make sure the Chosen One does this quest before the who killed Richard Wright quest in New Reno if you’re planning to frame Renesco. Talk to Renesco the Rocketman in New Reno. Tell him Zaius’ password.
If the Chosen One doesn’t, he’ll need to fork over $200 for the parts ($100 with a Barter or Speech check). Return to Zaius and he will ask the Chosen One to enter the mine to fix the purifier. The mine is filled with radon gas which will damage the Chosen One and his party for 10-15 armor-bypassing damage every couple of seconds. Wearing power armor will negate the damage. Use the parts on the clanking machine in the back (But watch out for the deathclaw!) for 1000 XP. Return to Zaius and he will give the Chosen One a City-Killer combat shotgun or $500 if he asked for a reward earlier.You see a bundle of parts that are clearly labeled “GX-9 Air Purifier”. Using your incredible deductive skills, you decide that they are probably parts for a broken air purifier. Mine parts is a miscellaneous item in Fallout 2. These parts are required for repairing the air purifier in the uranium mine in Broken Hills. You can get them from Renesco in New Reno. However, you must start the quest first by talking to Zaius in Broken Hills.
The requested URL /showArticle.php?index=636 was not found on this server.Gonna need some more base chemtex nine… Renesco “the Rocketman” owns a drug store in New Reno in 2241.how to install spike air cleaner harley An old man wearing a pair of cracked glasses with only one good lens[1], Renesco runs his pharmacy in the Commercial Row, answering to the Salvatore family. woodshop air cleaner reviewsHe keeps his past to himself, although his elaborate manner of speaking and disdain for Vault City imply he was once a citizen. stuffy nose air purifierHe is rather gruff and has little patience for anyone, including customers, tribals, stupid people and generally everyone who annoy him to no end, unless they show some capacity for intelligent thought.
Even then, his patience wears thin quickly. Sells medical supplies and drugs Go visit Renesco the Rocketman and collect Mr. Salvatore’s tribute of $1000 Fix the mine’s air purifier Find out who was responsible for Richard Wright’s overdose Renesco appears only in Fallout 2.Take this explosive switch. Hook it up to the air purifier and get the hell out of there. We’ve arranged it so that the town’s mutants will be in the mine. Blow up the mine’s air purifier is a side quest in Fallout 2. After the prison break, talk to Jacob, and he will offer this quest to blow up the mine’s air purifier and kill the super mutants. He gives you a detonator, which must be attached to the purifier in the mine. Once this is done, you are automatically transported out of the mine, receive 1500 XP, and every super-mutant in the town is killed. Jacob offers you a small cache of weapons as a reward when you speak to him. Your Karma will drop fifty-points, Broken Hills reputation will drop thirty-points, killing off every super-mutant in the town, and dooming the survivors.
Any quests involving Marcus or Francis can’t be completed after this since they were killed. Once you receive this quest, you can instead turn the gang in to Marcus for 2500 XP. The purifier cannot be destroyed after it has been repaired. Still in the Dark is a side quest in Fallout: New Vegas. Following defeat at Helios One, the Brotherhood of Steel in the Mojave went into lockdown and have remained isolated for the last five years. Naturally, they need an outsider to help them with a few missions for the outside. The first stages differ upon how the courier enters the bunker: The following is based on Fallout New Vegas cut content and has not been confirmed by canon sources.SOLUCJA – FALLOUT 2 [ Lokacje ] – [ Special Random Encounters ] – [ Outro ] Non-existent (because not completed) locations: There are still a few locations missing on the map. They are not marked as they occur randomly in different places (although the same locations are usually in the same area).
They are often referred to as Special Random Encounters or simply “randomy”. A random encounter that you will surely come across: And now a location that occurs in different places, but you won’t discover it while traveling around the world map: In search of other walkthroughs, or just if you want a walkthrough that you can read off-line, but you don’t care If you want it to be a Shelter walkthrough, you can enter the CREATIVITY section, and then to the subdivision. Walkthrough from Action Plus magazine -> HERE you will find descriptions that are still missing. Volcanic ash can infiltrate nearly every opening and abrade or scratch most surfaces, especially between moving parts of vehicles. Ash particles easily clog air-filtration systems, which can lead to overheating and engine failure. Small concentrations of ash particles inside an engine can cause extra engine wear. Transmissions experience extra wear after ingesting minute ash particles.
Seals on hydraulic components may wear out faster than usual, and brakes and brake assemblies are especially vulnerable to abrasion and clogging from ash. Trucks used to transport ash to disposal sites and other vehicles subjected to heavy ash exposure may require constant brake attention. Ash caught between windshields and wiper blades will scratch and permanently mark the windshield glass, and windows are susceptible to scratching each time they are raised, lowered, and cleaned. Corrosion of paintwork and exterior fittings may also result where ash is in contact with the exterior. Strategies for reducing the effects of ash on vehicles involve frequent oil changes, cleaning or replacing air filters often, using air pressure (

The list below provides some protective measures for vehicles driven in ashy conditions based on the experience of the 18 May 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens. Vehicle owners and operators are encouraged to obtain maintenance manuals and manufacturers’ recommendations that may be available for operating vehicles in ashy or dusty conditions. For example, in June 1980 General Motors Corporation issued a public service announcement to drivers in ash fallout areas from the Mt. St. Helens eruption. Suggested measures for reducing effects of ash on vehicles: Avoid driving in heavy ash conditions unless absolutely required. When required to drive in ashy conditions keep speed below 55 kilometers per hour (35 mph) or lower. Do not follow too close to the car ahead, and use headlights on low beam. Oil change and air filtersIn very dense ash conditions change oil at 80-160 kilometers (50-100 mi) intervals. In light ash conditions change oil at 800-1,600 kilometers (500-1000 mi) intervals.
Lubricate all chassis components at each oil change. Clean air filters by back-flushing filter paper with compressed air (30 lbs/in2). Caution—blow element from inside (clean side) to outside (dirty side). DO NOT strike filters against anything. If unsure, have a qualified mechanic perform the air filter service. Inspect filters for dents or torn paper. Clean the inside of filters and the filter cover with damp cloth before reinstalling filter. Commercial truck filters can be installed to increase the filtering capacity of the cleaner. This would be beneficial for vehicles operating continuously in extreme dust conditions. Air filter restriction gauges can be installed by qualified mechanics. The gauge will tell you when your air filter requires servicing in order to avoid over-servicing. DO NOT install hose from carburetor air intake (air clean) to inside of car. Outside dust and ash will be drawn into vehicle. Rags, or any other intended filtering material, should not be placed over the carburetor inlet inside the air cleaner element;
serious damage to the engine and/or loss of vehicle control may result. Cover passenger compartment vent inlet (located at base of wind-shield and usually under hood) with thick, loosely woven felt-type material to filter air into vehicles. With vent filter in place, keep heater blower high. Blower will slightly pressurize inside of vehicle and keep dust from entering through body gaps or holes. If a vent filter is NOT installed, keep air conditioner and heater blowers off. Utilize ‘internal-only’ circulation option available on many modern cars. Have a service garage clean wheel brake assemblies every 80-160 km (50-100 mi) for very severe road conditions, or every 800-1600 km (200-500 mi) for heavy dust conditions. The brake assemblies should be cleaned with compressed air. Have service garage clean alternators winding with compressed air after heavy accumulation or every 500 to 1000 miles or after severe dust exposure. Clean the vehicle, including the engine, radiator, and other essential parts daily, if necessary, using water to flush the ash.