It’s small enough to move around the house

Hisense air purifier on sale for $40 with promo code 50ZML4T7

Hisense air purifier on sale for $40 with promo code 50ZML4T7


We’re hurtling headfirst into allergy season, this time with a very fun “is it allergies or is it Covid” twist. But you can fight back against pollen and other airborne particulates with an air purifier like this one from Hisense, on sale for just $40 with promo code 50ZML4T7.

Hisense Air Purifier with True HEPA Technology, Air Purifier for Home Allergies Pets Dander Smokers in Bedroom, 25db Quiet Air Cleaner Remove Smoke Dust Mold Pollen for Large Room – KJ120 –

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That’s a ridiculously good price for any air purifier with a True HEPA-rated filter, meaning it filters out 99.97% of particles as small as .3 microns, compared to mere 99% filtration rating for a standard HEPA-rated filter. As a desktop-sized purifier, it’s designed for small spaces, and its relatively low CADR (clean air delivery) rating of 120 m³/h means it’s not going to efficiently cycle the air in a huge open concept living room. But even so, it’s so small that you’ll easily be able to move it from your home office desk to your kitchen counter to your nightstand, meaning you can maintain a fresher air environment in your immediate vicinity all day long.

Even at this low price, it has nifty features like a light ring to tell you how clean your air is at any given time, and an optional oil diffuser setting to make a room smell nice with the essential oils of your choice. Today’s $80 list price would actually be an all-time low on its own (it typically sells for $100), so the $40 deal with code 50ZML4T7 is an absolute steal, especially at this time of year.