I do quite a few reviews for products I buy and most are positive even if they point out some genuine problems.

The most common complaint about this air purifier is that the main filter unit latch breaks — sometimes before the new owner can even turn it on. One doesn’t have to look far to find reviews reporting this. I bought this one 11 months and 2 weeks ago. A few days ago, nights actually, there was a loud noise and the we noticed that the filter unit had popped up. No way would it latch down again. Looking inside I found one of the little black tabs responsible for holding it all together just lying on a ledge inside. It’s a pretty flimsy arrangement and not appropriate in something like this.

Customer support suggested something heavy to hold it down and “it will work fine.” Well, a heavy book wouldn’t do it, but a building brick did. I dunno, maybe a different color? No parts available they tell me but they are going to try to work it out under warranty. Most of my household appliances hold up pretty well — the oven door hasn’t fallen off, the fridge hasn’t shorted out, and even the breadmaker makes bread.

The purifier works well, if a bit a noisy, and the filter lasted a very long time in our house BUT, when that latch breaks — as it apparently does quite often — the purifier is not much use. That is, unless, you are happy with a brick on top of it.

I posted a review on the 3M site where many others had pointed out this problem but my review was “moderated” which is to say, not posted with an email telling me it doesn’t meet their guidelines.

As for value, well, $20 a month for an air purifier that has be scrapped after a year is a bit pricy.

I’d like to think one can find a better unit elsewhere.