Note: I had links here before but I guess automod doesn’t like that, but anything I mention can be found on Amazon.

Previously we had an outdoor litter box that the cats used but after moving we had to switch to something that would be indoors. We got a litter robot about 2 months ago and were really excited to not have to empty out our litter box every night. Unfortunately the smell was becoming an issue despite trying different suggestions. After weeks of testing things out we’ve finally figured out a setup that works pretty well.

  1. Keep the unit in a room that is mostly isolated. Maybe a no-brainer, but if you’re someone that’s reading this before buying your litter robot it’s something to consider. This is not a machine you can keep in the living room or anywhere that you usually go to. That isn’t to say this particular room will stink, but especially after it is used the smell will spread in that room for a little while and it’s better that it’s contained in an isolated space for that duration. We had great experience with the laundry room but an extra bathroom or garage might work too.

  2. Boxiecat litter. We are testing out the blue bag and the red bag right now, but either way it’s been fantastic. Litter makes a big difference and since Boxiecat clumps so well there isn’t much residual waste left in the exposed litter after the cycle. This cannot be emphasized enough, good litter matters. Yes it’s more expensive but it works great and I believe it lasts longer because you don’t need to change the litter as often.

  3. Nature’s Miracle Odor Destroyer powder. This stuff helps neutralize the ammonia in your cat’s urine soaked litter which helps control the pee smell a lot. While you may think solid waste smell is more of the issue this one does contribute and it’s worth your time. How much to put is up in the air, I just sprinkle maybe 2 tablespoons worth when I add new litter.

  4. Fresh Wave odor removing gel. Put this stuff in your waste tray right next to where the bag is. I give it a good horizontal shake every time I change the litter waste bag. It’s supposed to last a month or two and some people swear by it. I’m not sure how much it contributes but everything’s been good so far so we’ve been sticking with it.

  5. Small air purifier. Ours is a $50 one from Amazon. This is kind of debatable but we keep it on all the time in the room on a shelf above the robot. How much it contributes I’m not sure but we’ve got a system that works so far so maybe it does something.

All of those together have been enough to dampen down the smell to be completely gone in our house, which is amazing considering we were nearly on the verge of returning the unit because the smell wasn’t worth the convenience.