【QUICK, CONVENIENT, AND EASY TO USE】 – With just a click of a button it will silently emit a lot of negative ions per second. The same type of molecules found in natural retreats such as beaches, waterfalls or mountains. The modern and compact design makes it blend with whatever you wear without attracting negative attention.

【HIGHLY EFFECTIVE AGAINST AIRBORNE DISEASES】 – The negative ions that this produces will connect to any airborne pollutant, bacteria, and any other illness-carrying particles due to their electrostatic charge. This makes the contaminated air particles too heavy to stay airborne, forming a microscopic health shield to protect you for any situation. This has proven to be a success in reducing allergies, flu, asthma, colds, fever, and even respiratory complications!

【FILTER LESS 】- Now you never have to worry again about dealing with expensive and burdensome filters for your air purifiers. This has an ever lasting purifier that runs on just a quick charge, and will last you a lifetime. Our new filter less technology purifies your air forever without any additional costs; that means no paying extra for cleaning, maintenance, and everything in between.

【TONS OF HEALTH BENEFITS】 – This will have you feeling refreshed in no time. Some of the benefits include: beginning to get better quality sleeps, elevated attention spans, a clearer immune system, reduced headaches, and highly improved physical performance!

FM-AP01 Portable Negative Ion Air Purifier Necklace Personal Travel Mini  Air Cleaner 0


Product Category: Air Purifier
Model: FM-AP01
Function: Smoke and dust removal
Power mode: USB
Rated frequency: 50 (HZ)
Use environment: carry around
Control method: switch
Application area: less than 10㎡
Filter type: None
Working principle: negative ion
Air purifier air volume: 50 cubic meters/hour
Noise: 0 (dB)
Color: black, white, rose gold, blue

1. Long press the power button for 2 seconds, the power indicator will light blue, and the product enters the working state.
2. Long press the power button for 2 seconds again, the power indicator light goes out, and the product enters the shutdown state.
3. When charging the product, the power supply and other red flashes. When the product can be fully charged in 1-2 hours, the power indicator will always be red.

FM-AP01 Portable Negative Ion Air Purifier Necklace Personal Travel Mini  Air Cleaner 1

Portable negative ion air purifier necklace

Technical parameter:
Operating voltage: DC5V
Power: <1W
Negative ion concentration: 20 million pcs/cubic centimeter
Product net weight: 30g
Weight with packaging accessories: 113g
Product size: 55*16mm
Life time: 48 hours
Number of boxes: 100
Box gauge: 515*415*185mm (100PCS)
Single package: 100*100*32mm
FCL weight: about 12kg

Packaging accessories:
Stainless steel necklace*1+Pure English manual*1+USB charging cable*1+Negative ion purifier*1