I have a few more left, this is my last repost, any leftovers will go to storage.

I bought a pack of 20x20x1 filters for my box fan. I made it into a filter like they do in this video:

I bought a 6 pack and don’t see myself going through the whole box, I also bought a room air purifier so I don’t think I’ll use as much of this as I thought. I also know that you guys might want to try this especially during this time of fires and poor air quality. It also captures pet hair, dust, and that sort of thing.

I’m asking $5, a little under what I paid per filter.

You can find the details of the filter I bought here:


As for my experience, it seems to work and capture a portion of the dust in the air. I’ve taped it with shipping tape to my box fan and it is definitely pulling air through the filter. However it’s not a replacement for an air purifier which can move a lot more air and uses a higher degree of filtration (HEPA filter).

Having said that, it took me 1 minute to tape the filter to my cheap fan and already it’s caught dust and my cats hair. Seems to work okay, just know this isn’t medical grade nor a HEPA filter, but does seem to mitigate dust and some odors.

Offerup, Craiglists, etc. have air purifiers though there is some degree of price gouging taking place. Just be mindful of that out there. It’s very disappointing to see make shift pallets of air purifiers that residents bought for $99 and flipping for profit.

Pick up location: East Hollywood area evenings, or DTLA area (Bunker Hill) during the day time.