The easy process for making homemade filters that are washable and simple to keep clean and germ-free to keep you breathing freely all year long.

Snow is falling, cold wind is blowing. The furnace clicks on.

Uh oh!

What about all that dust and dirt and who knows what else that has collected in the air ducts over the past months?

Here’s a simple solution for keeping the dusty and even moldy muck from spewing into your air and into your lungs when you breathe.

Make your own washable homemade filters!

How to Make Healthy, Homemade Filters

Find an old 100% wool sweater; perhaps at your local Salvation Army and wash it in hot, hot water and simple soap in your washing machine. This is not a time to worry about the delicacy of the sweater. We want it to felt up good and thick, even shrink.

The idea is to tease the fibers into felty submission. Then dry it in a hot dryer. This will further the felting process. Once the sweater is thick and misshapen, measure the perimeter of the register (the opening on the floor where the heat blows out) and cut the sweater to fit neatly into the opening.

The best part is that you don’t need to hem the ends since felted wool doesn’t fray.

It will make a tidy homemade filter that allows the free flow of hot air while offering a hygienic filter.

These homemade filters are as good, if not better, than any pre-made filters from the store and are easily tossed into the washer monthly, so you and your family can breathe freely and not spend a dime!

When the furnace first comes on in the cooler months, clean the filters more often, perhaps even have a few of them already made and fitted.

In your little girl’s room, choose a pink sweater. In your son’s, blue. Homemade filters can color coordinate too!

Simple solutions for a healthier life … made by you.

Our health is in our hands!

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