The Honeywell True HEPA air purifier offers 3 powerful cleaning levels and can help reduce the amount of odors and airborne particles in large rooms. Its long-life True HEPA filter captures up to 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns (250x smaller than the width of a human hair) and typically only has to be replaced every three to five years. This powerful model effectively captures particles such as dust, tobacco smoke, pet dander and pollen from the air that passes through the filter. It also helps capture certain airborne germs such as bacteria and virus. The 50150 has a 360 degree air intake for maximum efficiency and features a carbon pre-filter that prolongs the filter life by removing large particles before they can enter the HEPA filter and helps reduce common odors. The HEPA filter for the 50150-N has a lifespan of one to five five years, while the pre-filter features a three month duration.

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Reviewed: 05/14/2013 by Debra  Mathur

I had bought this exact same model earlier this year, and it works perfectly and am I very happy with it. However, I bought a second unit, same model, also from Honeywell, direct from company, and it is NOT working well. It vibrates badly at high speed setting. I am returning this unit for a replacement product. Hopefully that will work well, and I will not lose money on this transaction. However I am told that if Honeywell testers do not find something wrong with the unit I am returning, they will charge me shipping fees AND restocking fees. I am not pleased with that policy, as the fate of my monies related to this unit fall under the discretion of testers whom I will never speak with. I will reserve judgment until I receive new unit and testing of old is complete. On the positive side, Customer Service has been EXTREMELY polite and EXTREMELY fast acting. Very impressive.

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