Purifying and protecting your interior will allow you to feel good at home. More or less malicious spirits can roam your home. You cannot see or hear them. And yet you feel that they are there, very close to you, wanting to communicate. Objects which move, feeling of presence, all means are good to attract your attention… These wandering souls feed on your fear because it produces energy, and you are caught in a vicious circle. To help them find peace, and find your own, there are natural ways to cleanse your home. Discover 10 tips to chase negative waves and protect your interior.

Want to know which unwanted entities are haunting you? Our best lights will enlighten you.

10 methods to purify your home:

1. Incense against negative waves

More efficient in grains than in sticks, Benzoin or White Sage incense are natural purifiers. Make sure that their composition is clear and avoid cones which are said to be carcinogenic. If you burn them regularly, you will quickly feel a difference in the level of the energetic vibrations of your interior. Just remember to get out of the room if you are burning a large amount of it, and then ventilate.

2. Stones to repel or absorb harmful energies

In addition to treating you with lithotherapy, stones can help you clean your home. Arrange pieces of crystals and gems in your house, especially in the hallway. To purify the atmosphere, we think of Amethyst or Rock Crystal. Malachite or Tiger’s Eye are known to repel negative waves. We also think of Obsidian or Tourmaline which deflects the harmful energies emitted by new technologies. Absorbent, repellent or deviant, the choice is yours.

► Find the stone you need according to your astrological sign.

3. White sage to purify your interior

This solution finds its origin in the Amerindian tradition. This sacred herb is commonly used to purify people and objects as it ward off unwanted entities. You can buy it in different forms: leaves, fumigation sticks or even incense sticks. To extinguish it, be sure to suffocate it in ashes or sand.

4. Coarse salt to absorb evil entities

Simply place a bowl of salt at each corner of each room. Always big and iodized for esoteric use. Its grains are larger and absorb energy better. And if by misfortune you spill it at the end of your ritual, you will notice that the coarse salt is cleaned more easily, the negative energies will not therefore remain encrusted in your soil.

5. Essential oils, a practical and fragrant solution

More and more widespread, essential oils are as pleasant to smell as they are practical. Used with a diffuser, placed on a cotton pad, or sprayed, they will clean the air in your home. If you don’t know which ones to choose, you are spoiled for choice. Among the most effective we find: the essential oil of Frankincense, Sage, Lemon (which will also help to boost good energies), Basil, Juniper, Lavender and Myrrh.

6. A Tibetan singing bowl, or how to purify by sound

This technique is very simple, you just need to bring a tibetan singing bowl, to go to the room to be purified, and to ring it using a mallet. The sound waves will propagate and act on the negative waves. For even more results, do not hesitate to recite a purification prayer in parallel.

7. A well-appointed room, a fluid circulation of energy

To bring back a certain dynamism to your interior, it is sometimes enough to change place this table which blocked the passage, or to put the sofa against the wall. VSassemble energy clusters, regain space and promote fluidity in the flow of people, this will help you to purify your home.

8. Old objects contain a significant energy charge

Are your great-grandmother’s old trinkets still enthroned in your living room? On that sideboard dating from Methuselah? Ancient objects have a higher energy charge than others. If they have belonged to negative people or if they have been associated with difficult times in your life, better get rid of them. The best memories are those that are etched in the memory.

9. Negatively charged objects are harmful

Sorting also concerns clocks, old porcelain dolls, or any other travel souvenir (such as tribal masks or totems). In fact, hunt anything that may attract small, unwanted entities and anything that has been related to energetic or magical practices. You can also purify them with the techniques outlined above.

10. Feng Shui for an atmosphere full of harmony

This ancestral Chinese art is based on the circulation of energy flows. It aims to harmonize the environmental energy of a place since there is a link between us and our habitat. Our decoration and our furnishing choices reflect our inner peace: favor wooden furniture, do not place a mirror in front of the bed… There are many rules that help energies to circulate better.

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