Distinguishing Features

  • HEPA+ filtration technology (Bamboo-Charcoal + HEPA Filter)
  • ViRo-Silver Carbon Pre-filter
  • Light and Compact with a small footprint fits neatly in any room

Product Features

  • Active Carbon pre-filter F1700
  • High speed maximizes air filtration performance
  • Quiet operation on the low-speed setting
  • The HEPA filter captures up to 99.5% of airborne particles (PM) as small as 0.3 microns that pass through the unit, including dust, pollen and smoke
  • The bamboo-charcoal molecules effectively remove odors and VOCs, and provide a natural moisture balance in your room
  • The HEPA+ technology effectively reduces allergens in the air and improves indoor air quality
  • Silver nanoparticles are 99% effective at inhibiting the outgrowth of bacteria on the pre-filter
  • ViRo-Silver Carbon Pre-filter Acts as the first round of filtration to capture larger particles of dust, pet dander, dust mites, pollen and other allergens
  • Activated carbon material reduces unpleasant odors and VOCs in the air
  • Easily accessible, manual three-speed control
  • Ozone-free so you can breathe easier
  • Built-in filter change reminders
  • Small footprint fits neatly in any room
  • Built-in handle for easy portability
  • Wraparound cord storage / management

Product Controls

1. Filter Reset Indicator 3. Speed Indicator

2. Timing Indicator

4. Power Button

Replacement Filters

  • Pre-Filter (ViRo-Silver Carbon Pre-filter) – Recommended replacement cycle 3 months: F1700
  • HEPA + Filter (2-in-1 Bamboo-Charcoal + HEPA Filter) – Recommended replacement cycle 12 to 18 months: F1725HE / 21

Product Specifications

Product Size

9” x 10.8” x 25.5”


120 volts, 60Hz

CADR – Smoke

93.9 CFM

CADR – Dust

103.5 CFM

CADR – Pollen

131.4 CFM

Sound (Background 28 dBA) – Low

52 dBA

Sound (Background 28 dBA) – Med

59 dBA

Sound (Background 28 dBA) – High

65 dBA

Room Size

146 sq ft



Gross Wt

13.15 lbs

Net Wt

10.4 lbs

What’s in the Box

  • Your Purifier
  • 1x Pre-Filter (ViRo-Silver Carbon Pre-Filter)
  • 1x HEPA+ Filter (2-in-1 Bamboo-Charcoal + HEPA Filter)
  • User Care Guide
  • User Care Guide


    BREATHE easy: This Hunter Air Purifier comes with a 3-year limited warranty backed by the company that has been moving air since 1886.

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