A technology developed in the late 1990s by RGF Environ-

cleaners. An old household remedy for children with respi-

mental creates hydroperoxides from moisture in the air

ratory problems is to put a tablespoon of hydrogen

within an HVAC system, almost like misting the indoor air

with a weak hydrogen peroxide solution. Photohydroion-

Why not use it to disinfect the indoor air we breathe?

ization® (PHI), a patented ionized hydroperoxide technol-

We know it works in high concentrations as tested by the

ogy developed by RGF Environmental simulates the

EPA for use in disinfecting HVAC ducts for Anthrax

natural hdroperoxides in the outdoor air. The technology

Should we have another terrorist Anthrax inci-

works on a rare metal catalyst and a hydrating agent acti-

dent or a contaminated hospital, vaporized Hydrogen Per-

vated by a broad spectrum ultraviolet light reacting with

) has been successfully tested.

ambient moisture in the air creating hydroperoxides. A later

PHI development, also by RGF, ionized the hydroperox-

Some will say that Hydrogen Peroxide (H

ides, basically super charging them. The concept is a

over 1 ppm can be a health hazard. This is probably true,

proactive, aggressive method of indoor air sanitation in-

but high levels of almost everything can be a health haz-

stead of a contaminant or microbe being trapped or killed

ard. After all, too much oxygen can cause oxygen toxicity

in a filter system. PHI systems kill microbes at the source,

or poisoning, which will lead to cell damage and death.

in the room before you come in contact with them. Hun-

Even consuming too much water can be fatal.

dreds of independent studies and lab tests have proven

Photohydroionization® to be a very effective and safe

Hydroperoxides are known as Mother Nature’s natural, en-

method of controlling airborne organics. A byproduct of this

viro-friendly cleaning agent. Maybe mother did know best

technology actually lowers ambient ozone levels, as when

when she said “Go play outdoors, it’s healthier”. Ionized

an ozone molecule reacts with the catalyst it is used in the

hydrogen peroxides are responsible for the air smelling so

conversion to a hydroperoxide molecule. Other advan-

clean after a thunder storm. The combination of ions from

tages are very low energy consumption, about 12 watts,

lightning, water and sun increase the natural level of hy-

which is about the same as the light in your refrigerator

drogen peroxide, thereby cleaning the air. Typical outdoor

making it a green product and there is no air flow restric-

levels of hydroperoxides run between .01 to .03 ppm. The

tion or back-press on the hvac blower! The air is so clean

guideline on hydroperoxide gas is

1.0 ppm, .02 ppm (typical outdoor levels) is 1/50 or well

that you can actually smell the difference as a wide variety

below the Government safety limits.

of odors are reduced from 55% to 98%

PHI Technology Hydroperoxide

Hydroperoxides outdoor levels —

Hydroperoxides inside house PHI unit off —

Hydroperoxides inside house PHI unit on —

Now, .01 ppm may not sound like a lot, but there are ap-

proximately 177,000,000,000,000,000 hydroperoxide gas

molecules in a single litre of air, which means they are

close to one micron apart. So, bacteria, odors, viruses,

VOCs, mold, etc. do not have to go far to be hit with one

and destroyed. Hydroperoxide gas at levels of .01 ppm are

now recognized by the EPA as an effective infection con-

trol and microbial treatment technology.