In this article, will evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of Japanese domestic air purifiers to help you better understand this type of product, so it can easily decide whether to buy this type of machine. If not, what should I pay attention to?

To create a fresh home atmosphere, growing air purifying ornamental plants is not enough, you will need the help of air purifiers. Although there are many brands of air purifiers that offer genuine products in Vietnam today, there are still many people who choose to buy Japanese domestic air purifiers for use. Let’s take a closer look at the reasons and advantages and disadvantages of this!


  1. What is Japanese domestic air purifier?
  2. Why are Japanese domestic air purifiers popular for use?
  3. Evaluate in detail the advantages and disadvantages of Japanese domestic air purifiers
    1. 1. Quality
    2. 2. Experience using
    3. 3. Cost
  4. Should you buy Japanese domestic air purifiers or not?

What is Japanese domestic air purifier?

Japan domestic air purifier is the common name for air purifier products manufactured specifically for the Japanese market. However, those who do not live in Japan can still go through relatives, portable sales services . to own these products in new or used products (also called purifiers). Japanese atmosphere).

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Picture 1 of Japanese domestic air purifier and things to know before making a purchase

The air purifier helps to cope with air pollution effectively.

Why are Japanese domestic air purifiers popular for use?

Japanese products have long been famous for modern technology, good quality, stable operation and long service life. Therefore, although there are currently many famous brands that produce air purifiers (including Japanese brands such as Sharp, Panasonic, Daikin, Hitachi .) that distribute genuine products. air purifier products in Vietnam, but many people still choose to use Japanese domestic air purifiers in the form of portable or yard goods with the conviction that the products manufactured for Japanese users must be the best. and the most durable.

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Picture 2 of Japanese domestic air purifier and things to know before making a purchase

Domestic Japanese air purifiers come in a variety of models.

Evaluate in detail the advantages and disadvantages of Japanese domestic air purifiers

Compared to genuine imported products, Japanese domestic air purifiers are often given compliments such as power saving, stable and durable operation, with many features (especially those with monopoly in Japan market) but the price is cheaper than genuine goods. If you buy a new product, you will even experience the most advanced and modern technology. In particular, Japanese domestic air purifiers are often more diverse in style and design than genuine distributors.

However, the real damage like this, is it true that buying domestic Japanese air purifier will ‘benefit from the surface’ or not, let’s find out more carefully!


  1. With Japanese air purifiers, like any other old product, you can not be completely assured of 100% of the quality of the product, especially when this type of product will not be entitled to protection onions.
    If you do not understand the product very well and cannot find a reputable and dedicated sales outlet, it will be difficult for you to know the origin of the device or problems such as whether the device is a construction product or not. Whether the device’s sensor is still working properly or not, is there a need for the seller to replace it or not, the filters have to be replaced (because the air filter needs to be changed periodically and on the filter?). Old Japanese domestic gas, most of these filters have expired) .
    In case you know the product well and find a reliable place to sell, but if you are not lucky enough, it is difficult to avoid the case that the new air purifier has been damaged, must be repaired regularly or cannot be repaired. .
  2. With portable Japanese domestic air purifiers, even though they are new, you will not be able to try and test the product before and it is difficult to enjoy the warranty as genuine. Therefore, if you can not find a reliable purchasing channel, then it is likely that there will be cases of purchasing poor quality goods and when it is necessary to repair it will also be difficult if there are errors that are not the same with most machines. in Vietnam.

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Picture 3 of Japanese domestic air purifier and things to know before making a purchase

Japanese domestic air purifiers only have information in Japanese.

Experience using

  1. The instructions for use of the manufacturer, the information on the control panel of the domestic Japanese air purifier are all in Japanese, so if you do not know the language, it will be hard to look up how to use the machine.
  2. Air-purifying filters require periodic replacement and are not 100% sure that the one you buy will never fail, but the filters and components for local goods are not everywhere. , not always available, so sometimes you’ll find it difficult to maintain and repair your device.
  3. Domestic Japanese electric appliances use 110V, not 220V as in Vietnam, so you will need to use a power adapter to avoid damaging your device.
  4. With Japanese air purifiers, because the used goods are new and the technology is not new, the actual performance of the machines will not be as high as the new ones, leading to a decrease in the efficiency of home air purifiers. .


The price of Japanese domestic air purifiers was initially judged to be cheaper than genuine products. However, in fact, compared to new machines, with genuine warranty, this price is not much cheaper. If you unfortunately buy a low-quality product, you will have to spend a lot of additional costs to fix the device’s error, even if you want to repair but cannot fix it.

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Picture 4 of Japanese domestic air purifier and things to know before making a purchase

It is not easy to find filters, replacement parts for Japanese domestic air purifiers.

So should you buy Japanese domestic air purifier or not?

Thus, from the above assessments, it can be seen that although Japanese domestic air purifiers can save initial costs, in the long term, there are still many limitations in terms of usability (no instructions in Vietnamese or English, need to change the power source), trouble about warranty or no warranty, difficulties when changing components, filters . Especially, right from the time of buying the machine, especially with Japanese yards, you also have a high risk of not knowing the origin, origin of the equipment as well as the quality of components and filters on the machine, leading to uncertainty whether the machine actually works effective no. However, it is undeniable that there are still many buyers of domestic Japanese air purifiers with the “unique” model in Vietnam and the machine is also relatively good, durable for a long time. .

For these reasons, you should only choose to buy Japanese domestic air purifiers if you find a reputable shopping address, provide all types of filters, sensors for the machine and have enough knowledge. , experience to ‘test’ the machine. On the contrary, you should prioritize buying new types of air purifiers, genuine distribution in Vietnam to avoid the situation of ‘money loss, disability’ when buying domestic goods.

Currently, there are many famous Japanese air purifier brands distributing genuine products in Vietnam such as Sharp, Panasonic, Daikin, Hitachi . These products are not only diverse in style, capacity, but also It is also designed exquisitely, applied with the most modern air filtration technologies such as Plasmacluster ion, NanoE, Streamer . as well as equipped with many convenient features such as real-time air quality warning, kill bacteria, catch mosquitoes, balance the humidity in the room . to make sure to create a fresh, healthy atmosphere. The price of genuine Japanese air purifier is also extremely diverse, full of low-cost, mid-range and high-end segments so you can freely choose according to your use and financial needs.

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Hopefully, the above information will help you better understand the domestic Japanese air purifier market, which can make the most reasonable choices when you need to buy this device to clean the indoor air. and protect the health of your loved ones!