Winter is known for being a hard time to avoid getting sick. Because people tend to stay indoors more than usual, the number of chances for transmission of communicable diseases increases. Although many diseases are bacterial in nature, the two major diseases associated with winter, the common cold and influenza, are both caused by viruses. Because they are so much smaller than bacteria, viruses cannot easily be captured and removed from the air by standard filtering technology. If you want to keep the air in your home free of viruses, specialized air purification technology is needed.

How Can You Kill Viruses?

Because normal filtration methods do not work against viruses, more direct methods of killing them off are called for. Over the years, many technologies have been developed specifically to combat airborne viruses. Here, however, we’ll focus on the two that are most commonly available in consumer air purification systems: heat and UV light.

Viruses, like any other living organism, can be killed with the application of sufficient heat. Of course, superheating entire rooms or houses isn’t a practical means of removing viruses from the air, but when the air is cycled through a single superheated space, viruses can be dealt with easily. For using heat to destroy airborne viruses, the AirFree line of thermal air purifiers is ideal. Using a ceramic thermal core, these air purifiers can eliminate germs and viruses with internal temperatures that can reach up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.  As an added bonus, purifiers that sterilize air using heat instead of filtration are completely maintenance free.

High-energy UV light eliminates viruses from the inside out by passing through their outer protein coating and destroying their DNA, rendering them neutral. Like heat, UV radiation also helps to eliminate bacteria. However, most air purification systems that rely on UV light to kill viruses use it in conjunction with other means of removing harmful contaminants. A good example of such a combination system in the Field Controls TRIO medical grade air purifier, which uses UV light as just one of its four stages of purification technology.

If you want to keep your home free from harmful viruses and reduce the chances of catching a nasty bug this winter, considering getting a thermal or UV equipped air purifier that will eliminate the pathogens that cause colds and flus before they can infect you. If you need help deciding between thermal and UV virus protection or want more information about how to kill viruses with air purification systems, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to help you select the right purifier for your needs.