This latest 300A model of air purifier is designed with an ability to cover almost 3500 sq ft of living space that exploit activated oxygen and negative ions. The user can get 3 years of factory warranty.


  • Portable size and compact design
  • Air filtration up to 4 levels
  • Low maintained required
  • Low electrical usage required
  • Makes no noise
  • Used in an unoccupied space
  • Speed control can be adjusted
  • Best quality pure wooden box
  • Manufactured with stainless steel
  • No contamination with chemicals or residuals
  • Very low consumption of energy, only 20 watts
  • 3,500 square feet of coverage area
  • High reliability
  • 3 years warranty with each unit




  • Ion generation capacity of 11 trillion
  • 120V AC/60Hz
  • Power supply of 13-15 kV
  • Variable speed DC fan of 12 volts
  • 12.8” height, 8.5” width, 9.5” length
  • 20 lbs. weight

Fan Speed Specification

Low Speed Medium Speed High Speed
40 CFM 70 CFM 160 CFM
32 dB 35 dB 45 dB

*CFM = Cubic Feet per Minute
*dB = decibel sound

Get Rid of Allergic Reactions

This advanced purifier can oxidize molecules that pollute indoor air and aggravate allergic reactions, such as sinus, ear irritation, sneezing, itchy eyes and asthma by reducing paint fumes, chemical gasses, fungi, tobacco smoke and mold. At a high speed, this machine can produce almost 76 CFM with 38 DB. This unit is made of solid natural wood, laminate exterior or no pressed wood. These are economic filters to replace without disturbing your budget.

How does Atlas 300A work?

This advanced model is designed for home and office use. Negative ions are constantly created to reduce particles and dust that may cause allergies. Activated oxygen will have special control and this oxygen is kept at unpretentious levels in occupied space. In order to remove major odors, the unit can be adjusted to a higher level for a particular period of time. You can also use the timer to completely deodorize the home and office. Unused O3 may revert back to O2 in almost one hour.

UPC: 859456002034