The TruSens Z1000 H13 Plus with DuPont Anti-Virus Hepa Filter and Activated Carbon Pellets for optimal odour and VOC removal.

The new Trusens Z1000 H13 Plus is our most compact air purifier which combines both a genuine H13 Hepa filter and a substantial layer of activated carbon granules providing unrivalled ability to remove both particles and fumes in equal measure. The modern design coupled with a simple, intuitive user interface is one of our personal favourites here at Breathing Space.

The Z-1000 H13 Plus has been carefully optimised to distribute cleaner air evenly across your whole room and is packed with features we do not normally associate with units in this price range such as a powerful axial-centrifugal fan, PureDirect technology, Virus Sterilisation and separate carbon granule filter and H13 HEPA filter.

DuPont™ H13 Anti-Viral Hepa Filtration
The 360 degree DuPont™ HEPA filter captures airborne pollutants including dust, allergens, bacteria, traffic pollution and viruses from all directions. A cleanable pre-filter also protects the Hepa from larger dust particles thus ensuring longer filter life whilst maintaining optimal airflow at all times.

Carbon Filter Granules
One of the best things about the Z1000 H13 Plus is the fact that the filter now contains genuine activated carbon granules. Filters utilising granules (or pellets) of carbon are vastly more effective than standard carbon sheets when it comes to removing fumes and odours such as VOC’s, tobacco smoke, pet odours, cooking smells and other fumes such as nitrogen dioxide from traffic combustion gases. The Z1000 H13 Plus is our smallest air purifier to contain both a Virus grade Hepa filter and genuine activated carbon granules.

Proprietary PureDirect™ Airflow Technology
One of the Z1000’s most useful and advanced features is its proprietary airflow technology which uses two airflow streams, thus distributing the purified air further and more evenly throughout the whole room.

Soft Touch Button Control
Simple touch-button control of fan speed and UV mode, filter replacement indicators ensure you are kept informed when it’s time to replace the filters to keep your purifier running at its best, the contemporary design complements any home environment.