My wife and I have been using the LG PuriCare now for several weeks. My first observation is that it was a lot larger than I had expected, and much larger than the purifier it was replacing. After inspection, I was able to deduce why, it has HEPA filters on both the top and bottom. It also has a sensor built into the back that is constantly testing air samples looking for particle content in the air.
Regardless of the size, this unit is pretty quiet. During the day, we leave it on auto, and have noticed when deodorant or other type of aerosol spray is sprayed within 50 feet of this unit, it detects in, and cranks up the speed of the fans to filter it out. After the particle count drops below a certain threshold, it slows the fan down.
The fan on the top oscillates back in forth to improve air circulation within the area you are using this unit. On the top, you have the controls which are pretty intuitive to use, as well as the meter of the air quality. Green is good, orange is bad, and red is worst. The lights are pretty bright, so luckily there is a sleep mode that quiets the machine down, and turns off the light.
This device is a smart device, so it connects to your home wifi, and you can use an app to interface directly with the machine. The app shows you useful information regarding air quality, odor level, and overall cleanliness of your air. You can also look at an archival history of the air quality.
I have bad allergies, so all of this is very handy and useful for me. I have noticed a significant improvement with my allergies since using this.
This has a great warranty, so I know it will be something my wife and I will be using and enjoying for many years to come.
I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for my honest opinion. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]