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e-Nano Air Purifier for Home Use

LuvA means we love clean cna clera air.
LuvA is a new concept of the air purifier that collecting fine dust, smells and bacteria with only one special filter.
It is a idea product that have alredy recognized superiority from Hong Kng and Europe

  1. Small but High Efficiency
  2. Silence & Easy to Use
  3. Collect Micro Pollutant
  4. Compact Design

Why is a small but strong performance of LuvA?

  • The adoption of two filters to maximize contaminant removal.
  • e-Nano Filter is effective in collecting and inhaling pollutants.

It is because LuvA releases anions that remove contamination particles.

The neccessity of LuvA e-Nano Purifier

The quality of indoor air is reduced when doors or windows are closed, and air conditioner is on.
Keeping the indoor air clean should be vital as we spend most of time inside building or house, e-Nano filter can collect various indoor pollutants such as Fine dust under 0.3μm, Micro fine dust under 0.1μm, Volatile organic compounds(VOCs), formaldehyde(HCHO) Toluene, Nitrogen oxide(NOX) and Sulfur oxide(SOX).
And it also remarkably removes(collects) bacterial particles such as secretions of small insects, Pollen, Mold and Germ that might cause Sick House Syndrome, Hereditary allergy, Rhinitis, Asthma, Allergy and Flu epidemic.
Our e-Nano filter is effective for eliminating cigarette smoke and indoor smell as well.

  • Easy to use
  • Excellent performance (collect micro fine particles under 0.3μm for on filter)
  • Competitive price(compare with existing product : 40%~50%)
  • Excellent design
  • Replace filter by self
  • Adjust of filter replacement Cycle (3-6Month)
  • Filters can be reused

LuvA has been exported to Asia (US$150M per year for two years, Thailand, and Mainland China), Europe, Middle East and etc. LuvA has been proved performance and quality in those countries.

LuvA is also introduced in several popular Korean soap operas.(MBC)

LuvA has been sold best in well-known Hong Kong department stores such as Broadway as well as in popular web-sites in Europe.

LuvA was selected as one of top 32 excellent export products by KOTRA and top 5 Korean Newspapers.
LuvA is a award-winning product for recognition of exports by Korean Government.

01. Performs with one filter collecting various pollutants and smell at the same time.

02. Collects micro fine particle of pollutants.

Generally particle size of air purifier test should be on 0.3μm and pollutant collect of generalfilter located on filter surface but possible to collect particle under 0.3μm because e-nano filter can collect it using by inner filter positive electrostatic.

03. LuvA can be used while sleeping, due to extremely low level of noise.


Nano Air Purifier

Existing air purifier product

FAN noise

Below 27.0dB

Above 35.0dB

04. How to replace the filter

05. Reusable Filter

e-Nano filter can be reused 1 or 2 times after cleaning it by general vacuum clean or washing with water.

06. Low maintenance costs of the product

Existing air purifier product(filter type)
LuvA air purifer(filter type)

This comparison can vary depending on the product.
It campared with 220V adopted by use of a generic filter and filter products use differing methods without saying a particular product.

Features of e-Nano Filter
Almost all pollutants if composed by polarity & no polarity(+,-) particle including air.
e-Nano filter is by principle for above. Collecting it by suction of fineness positive electricity included in filter if particle is when pollutant air & pollutants particle to be crossed into the filter. Then it collects to filter as producing of particle on non polarity.
Possible to remove small pollutants particle & smell as well as general particle by a filter.

The Structure & feature of e-Nano filter

  • Collect micro dust, car exhaust(NOX, SOX)
  • Collect VOCs of Sick Building Syndrome and New Car Syndrome
  • Virus, Allergen, Mold, Fungi, Bacteria
  • Cigarette smoke smell
  • Carbon monoxide
  • LuvA does not create any secondary pernicious materials.

Oxy anion G-Filter

Anion G-Filter applied for LuvA produces oxyanions and purifies air pollutants as the same way a waterfall or dense forest does. The principle is that a high voltage is imposed to the cathode in filter and the filter emits into air ‘-‘ ion, or Anion. Then the Anion combines with oxygen or moisture in the air to produce oxyanions.

  • Utilizes space discharge method not like electrical way, or plasma that use an electrified and discharge body, so no harmful to human body as it produces no ozone nor nitrogen oxide.
  • Delivers clean air faster by producing more than 2 million anions per second.
  • Lifetime of Anion is enhanced by 2 times compared to normal method.
  • Emits anion in the long distance resulting in an excellent purifying performance.
  • No need to replace filters as they are permanently usable.
  • Excellent in purifying air, removing dust and sterilization. Cations formed in various dust, bacteria, pollutants, cigarette smoke, sulfurous acid gas(SO2), nitrogen oxide(Nox), carbon monoxide and ozone(O3) are neutralized, precipitated and eliminated with anions combined.

Nano filter test report


Particle Size










2.5 ~ 18.7μm

Fungi spore

1.4 ~ 17.3μm


6 ~ 52μm

Test for Tobacco removal in Chamber (Tobacco particle size : 0.01μ~1μm)




Drive System

Electrostatic trapping

Drive System

Electrostatic trapping + anion release









Adapter Power


Adapter Power










Anion function


Anion function


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