Xiaomi is known as a cellphone vendor. Even though they also make various smart devices, one of them is Mi Air Purifier 2H.

Mi Air Purifier 2H is included in a series of Internet-of-Thing (IoT) devices that Xiaomi will present to Indonesia throughout 2020. This is in line with the focus of the company made by Lei Jun to bring more of its smart products to Indonesia.

Xiaomi itself introduced the Mi Air Purifier 2H in early April along with the Redmi 8A Pro. detikINET has tried it for several weeks, here is a brief review:

Simple design

Mi Air Purifier 2H looks simple, with a box shape that extends upwards. The size is not that big, namely 520 x 240 x 240 mm.

Mi Air Purifier 2H displayDisplay of Mi Air Purifier 2H Photo: Adi Fida Rahman / detikINET

When placed in the living room or family room does not take up space. Its weight is only 5.2 kilograms, so moving it is not difficult.

The top is a ventilation fan that blows filtered air upwards. In the lower left corner there is a power button as well as a speed control and WiFi indicator light.

In the upper right corner of the front body there is a usage mode indicator light. There are auto, night and manual modes.

Mi Air Purifier 2H indicator lightMi Air Purifier 2H indicator light Photo: Adi Fida Rahman / detikINET

A little to the bottom there is a vent that will suck the air in the room. And if you pay attention again, there are lights that come on.

The light is an indicator of air quality in the room. If green means the air quality is good, while red is not good.

Turning back there is a button to reset WiFi and is used when changing filters. Below it are sensors that scan the air quality and temperature in the room.

Below it is a filter section that can be opened. And the most basic there is a power plug.