Is the air in your room stale? Does it always seem dusty? Does the air seem heavy when you breathe? You might have a case of air pollution, actually, your city might. But It’s not something you can change or something your city can fix overnight. However, you can protect yourself with an air purifier. Yes, air purifiers actually work provided you choose the right brand. in fact, they can be downright amazing. For example, The Xiaomi Air Purifier is pretty awesome. Check out the Mi Air Purifier Price and Review for all the details.

A lot of people don’t believe in air purifiers. But what air purifiers can do is clean up your air even though the city you live in is polluted. The Xiaomi Air Purifier is pretty cool as it doesn’t just simple filter out dust, it’s incredible HEPA filters can filter out allergens and pollutants. These fine particles and pollutants can get lodged in our lungs and make it difficult to breathe. Luckily the Xiaomi Air Purifier 3h works wonders. It’s a must-have gadget in every home.

Let’s move on the review, shall we? Here’s the Mi Air Purifier Price and Review.

Xiaomi Air Purifier

Xiaomi Air Purifier Review

Mi Air Purifier – Inside the Box

The Mi Air Purifier 3H comes in a standard white cardboard box. On the front of the box you’ll find and image of the product and you also find some technical images on the sides. Inside the box you’ll find:

  • The Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 3H
  • An instruction manual
  • And a plug point.

Mi Air Purifier 3 Review – Design

The design of the Air Purifier is nothing short of beautiful. This looks like a product that comes out of Braun.

  • All generations of the Air Purifier comes with the same white color good quality plastic exterior and they all look the same except for subtle differences. The Xiaomi Air Purifier 3H is shaped like a long rectangular cube. It has mesh-like perforations on all sides. But these holes do not mess with the aesthetics one bit. It’s designed in such a way to attract bad air from all sides of the device and the top air diffuses the cleaner air.
  • It is a very lightweight device so its easy to lug around the house if you want to clean the entire place.
  • The major noticeable difference between the Xiaomi mi air purifier 3h and its predecessors is the circular OLED panel on the exterior of the Mi Air Purifier 3.
  • If you’re wondering, if this device will suit your decor or not, the answer is an absolute yes. It’s a non-obtrusive piece that will blend well in any setting.
xiaomi air purifier

Mi Air Purifier ReviewFunction and Use

The Mi Air Purifier Price and Review wouldn’t be accurate with the installation process. It’s super simple to use.

  • Once you plug it into a socket, the LED screen lights up.
  • Just press the touch button it till it turns on.
  • You can then connect it to your phone via WiFi and control its various settings.

Basically, this is not only a pollutant remover but also removes any bad smells in the environment.

  • Most of you might be worried if whether this thing can actually filter air. Fortunately for you sceptics out there. Once you sync the device to your Phone. You can literally see the graphs on the Mi Home App.
  • The LED screen glows green if its in a clean environment and red if its in a polluted area. The LED display also shows you the temperature and humidity.
  • For normal situations, the Auto mode is suggested. It basically absorbs the bad air from the three sides. This is slightly different from the normal air purifiers that absorb air only from one side.
  • Now, this makes it pretty special, because if you keep it next to where your sitting, you will have 360-degrees of protection and clean air.
  • Inside the purifier are three layers of absorbents. The first absorbent sucks out all the small particles in the air, that goes straight to your lungs.
  • The second absorbent removes and bad smells in the vicinity and the third absorbent removes any formaldehyde from the air around you.

The best part? If you are allergic to stuff like pollen, pet fur or other irritants, this Air Purifier will clear it out.


When it comes to the performance, all I can say is that the Mi Air Purifier 3H does an amazing job. All you have to do is put it in auto mode and it automatically detects the dust and particulate matter around you. It efficiently filters out the PM 2.5, making the air pristine and fresh.

It is equipped with this centrifugal fan that has been through multiple refinements when compared to its predecessors, making it not only faster but also effective. The custom brushless motor supports the purification process and reduces wind resistance. This improves airflow and thereby the effectiveness.

All of this helps bring down the particulate matter in a matter of minutes. From what I’ve seen It can effectively filter 6333 litres of clean air per minute with a Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 380 m³/h. This is at least 30% better than it’s predecessors.

Although its performance is stellar, you won’t feel an amazing change in the room. You might feel the “lightness” in the air. But that’s mostly your imagination. Don’t get me wrong it absolutely does an amazing job. However, you’ll have to test it out with various equipment to actually see the difference. A lot of people also misunderstand the nature of this device and expect it to cool the air as well, this is absolutely false.

Xiaomi Purifier Filters

As the filters inside get mucky due to the pollutants sticking to them, they need to be replaced, they ideally should be replaced once in 6 months. They can be bought easily, but are a tad expensive.

  • It also is one of the quietest air purifiers out there.
  • Why is this important? Try sucking in air through your nose. That sound of suction is pretty loud. But this thing is so quiet. This makes the Mi Air Purifier Top Class.
  • Its also super easy to replace the air filters. Just pop the back lid and take the old one out and pop in the new one. Just that simple. The Xiaomi air purifier filter is relatively inexpensive. So, it isn’t too much of an annoyance.

How do you measure air quality?

Now, this is a common question when it comes to air purifiers. How do you measure it?

There are pollution levels and the device itself can read it. You can use the smartphone to check the pollution level in your room. If you run this device for about 15 to 20 minutes, the air quality dramatically improves and gets better by 50%

Mi Air Purifier 3 Review – Smartphone Connectivity

Like most Xiaomi devices, this is a smart device. You can connect to this purifier through the Mi Home app.

  • You can measure the pollution levels in your home or office.
  • Get real-time pollution and purification data. This is an important tool to help you decide whether to turn your purifier or not.
  • You can also control the speeds of the Purifier.

The app also lets you schedule the times.

Mi 3 Air Purifier – Features

The Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 3h comes with an OLED display that displays real-time data of air quality and temperature.

  • The Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 3h has a high-precision laser particle sensor that is super sensitive to air quality. This helps it track the particles.
  • This air purifier has a double fan four wind circulation system that can effectively clean air and circulate it through the house. The purification capacity is around 400 cubic meters per and it can purify an area up to 32-33 square meters. It can produce around 10000 litres of clean air per minute.
  • This purifier has smartphone remote control features. It shows alerts, real-time air quality data and you can even control the speeds through the phone.
  • The Mi Air Purifier has amazing working modes such as automatic mode, sleeping mode, high-speed mode, timing mode, etc.
  • The most important bit is the filter. The Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 3h comes with three layers of an activated carbon HEPA filter. This filter removes 99.99 per cent of PM2.5 particles and can effectively adsorb even formaldehyde. It can remove second-hand smoke, dust and various other pollutants.

Mi Air Purifier Price and Review – Final Thoughts

The Mi Air Purifier not only does its job but quantifies it. It shows you the pollution levels in the area around you.

  • The smart app feature lets you control the timings of the device. Which is super convenient.
  • Its 3-way absorption technology ensures that a large area of your home or office is purified and that too within minutes. You can actually notice the difference, especially if you’re located in a polluted city.
  • It’s very light and looks beautiful and will suit any home anywhere.
  • The filters last about 6 months and the only downside is, they are a bit expensive.

But the device itself is very reasonably priced and in true Xiaomi style, it’s true value for money.


  • Cheaply priced
  • Beautiful, aesthetic design
  • 3 way absorbent
  • Multi-pollutant remover including formaldehyde and bad smells
  • Connects with the app where the pollution level can be controlled


  • Expensively priced filters

Is mi air purifier good?

The Xiaomi Mi Aor Purifier 3h is one of the best purifiers out there. These purifiers do a great job purifying the air and improving the quality of ambient air. The Xiaomi Air Purifier is equipped with a HEPA filter which not only removes small harmful pollutant and particulate matter but also those microscopic allergens that harm you. You can also control the purifier through your smartphone. Amazingly enough, you get real-time pollution data on your phone once you’ve synced it to the purifier.

The Xiaomi Air Purifier is great for a day to day use especially if you live in a polluted city. This fantastic device is extremely affordable and it’s durable. However, you will have to change the filters every 6 months.
Check out the Mi Air Purifier Price and Review for all the details

Which is the best brand of air purifiers?

The best air purifier brand out there would have to be Xiaomi. Not only does it send you pollution data through your smartphone, but it also does a great job purifying the ambient air.

It super affordable when compared to other air purifiers out there and this one does an amazing job.It also comes with a HEPA filter. This HEPA filter has three layers of filtration that can filter harmful allergens and even Formaldehyde droplets. Check out the Mi Air Purifier Price and Review for all the details

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