While it looks more like a 100% resale then an outright scam, I can’t find anything similar in design for sale.

It’s an air filter, with an app that may or may not actually do anything except control fan speed. Speaking of the app, “Updates to make it better!” ? What can possibly be delivered via software, to make a filter work better? — nothing. No matter how fancy the lights, beeps, boops, buttons, display, and app is, this is a fan sucking air through a filter. End of story.

Why do I think it is some low to medium grade resale?

#1. $20,000 isn’t enough to do a single mold for a plastics injection machine, and it looks like there is a lot of injection molding going on with the cabinet and grill at least.

#2. As stated below, CO/CO2 sensors in a filter are going to need periodic calibration to a standard. CO can be measured. but not accurately quatified, fairly easily with a simple MOS sensor, but electro-chemical sensors for CO2 have significant drift. The reliable NDIR CO2 sensors start at about $100, and go up from there. VOC type sensors for CO2 only estimate what CO2 might be around by looking at other cheap to detect things. Still not reliable.

#3. Really, there is no need for an infinitely variable fan speed. Two to four is more than enough, and much simpler and reliable electrically.

#4. Rather than an “Aerospace grade [wtf even is that?] control system”, it should be marketed as a “Medical Grade Air Purifier”.

#5. You can find much better products, with known support and filter availability, for less money, just be popping over to your local Big Box store, or Amazon. All of which even have a simple “Return for Refund” policy, and are available right now.