Are you looking for the devices that can make the climate in your home or office in Dubai comfortable? Good Air LLC is one of the most reliable HVAC companies that supplies, installs and maintains air conditioners, air purifiers, and other climate control devices. We will help you to create a healthy and pleasant environment in your home.

Tion air purifiers, O General and Midea AC’s – only official UAE models

Our catalog includes official UAE models of climate control devices that are designed to work in sandy and hot countries. You can choose one AC, or we can make a climate control system for your home or office.

  • O General AC – devices that work perfectly fine in the Middle East climate. We provide both residential and commercial solutions from simple window-type OG air conditioner at the available cost to complex O General inverter AC and VRF systems. You can buy O General AC online or ask for a quote by phone. We will send you a price list and help you to choose a perfect device.
  • Midea AC – the most reliable conditioner for Dubai. We are sure of its quality so we offer a 2-year warranty for the whole unit – the longest period among all our air conditioning units. We have both compact devices for a small flat or central air conditioning systems for an office building. Buy Midea AC online or call us to learn more about the product.
  • Tion air purifier – a professional device that destroys 99% of known hazardous substances in the air including allergens, viruses, and even gases. Tion is perfect for people who suffer from allergies or have a weak immune system. You can also buy a smart remote device to control your air purifier and change its mode via your smartphone.

Call us or ask for the consultation on our website, we will help you to choose the right air conditioner model according to the characteristics of your house or office.

AC installation and maintenance

A quality device needs proper installation and regular technical maintenance. Good Air LLC provides both services.

  1. We give a 5-year warranty on the installation. We install conditioning systems in residential and commercial objects.
  2. We carry out warranty and post-warranty maintenance for all units from our catalog.

Before the installation, Good Air representative comes to your place and explains how and where we can install the devices. Together you choose the perfect option.

We also offer:

  • free delivery in Dubai, Sharjah or Ajman;
  • free air test if you want to buy an air purifier;
  • money back within 2 weeks if Tion Clever air purifier disappoints you.

Call us or write to our virtual consultant at the bottom of the page. We will call you back within 30 minutes. Together we will make the atmosphere in your home comfortable and healthy.