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Panasonic F-PBJ30ARD Air PurifierPanasonic F-PBJ30ARD Air Purifier

Enjoy having an air purifier in the cost of a smartphone! That’s the Panasonic F-PBJ30ARD air purifier for you. In as low as INR 8,599 you get a genuine product from the house of Panasonic who have dominated the Consumer Electronics scene for decades now. What can be more satisfying than to be able to avail the benefits of an air purifier for so low a cost. Now enjoy the benefits that this device brings with it as it spreads a sense of trust that your dear ones are breathing clean air.

Most suitable for small areas of size around 215 sq.ft. This purifier model has been created for that segment of customers who are still skeptical of whether or not air purifiers are worth shelling out thousands of bucks. If you prefer Philips products over Panasonic then the Philips 4025 model is worth a buy. Obviously the Panasonic F-PBJ30ARD is among the cheapest models that you can find around, many indicators(sensors) are missing. This is no to mean that the purifier cannot be deemed useful. The sole purpose of an air purifier is to purify the air in its surroundings and the Panasonic F-PBJ30ARD does this job well.

Panasonic PBJ30ARD Air Purifier

Design and Quality

The Panasonic F-PBJ30ARD air purifier looks rather plain with no flashy panels or LEDs, but as explained earlier that is quite obvious for the price tag. The design is compact with the unit occupying only 31.1 x 54 x 21 cm volume. The design is also unique given the fact that the buttons are on the front panel as against the top of the unit. Color options vary on the rim or outer edges of the purifier and include blue, grey and maroon colors. The handle on top doesn’t help to the already plain looks of it. All in all, we would not want to speak more on the topic of aesthetics and would prefer to give it a miss. Reviews


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Composite Filter

The Panasonic F-PBJ30ARD removes 99% of micro-organisms and allergens from a room of size 215 sq.ft. We recommend to use the unit in closed rooms with no direct source of pollutants. This would help in quickly achieving a clean atmosphere inside.

The filtration system is a 2-step system as enlisted below-

Super-Alleru Buster

Allergens are effectively filtered out at this stage of purification. Pollen grains, mold spores and fine particles like fiber strands are trapped at this stage. Phenolic polymers encircle the allergens and trap them thus rendering them harmless.

Green Catechin Filter

Most people took a liking for  green tea after watching advertisements wherein its high anti-oxidant properties are highlighted. In Panasonic air purifiers too, green tea has found use not through its anti-oxidant features though. Catechin, a green tea extract, is contained in the filter and removes Formaldehyde. If you have shifted to your new home with fresh coatings of paint and new furniture been placed, then this gas would be present in dangerous quantities. Although the fumes would reduce with time, yet other indispensable sources of it like resins, paints, plastic products, leather products, synthetic fabrics and clothing. Formaldehyde is a carcinogen which means that large and prolonged exposure to it may cause cancer in humans. Formaldehyde is also found in cigarette smoke and in places where gas stoves are used. Sources of Formaldehyde include manufactured furniture like desks, bookshelves, beds, cupboards etc.


Turbo and Sleep Mode

For times when you feel the concentration of pollution is too much to bear, there is a turbo mode to set things right quickly. Within 10 minutes of turning turbo mode on, there are clear signs of majority of the pollution been removed. The Panasonic F-PBJ30ARD air purifier achieves this by letting its fans run at their top speeds. It thus creating powerful suction force around the unit. This is to be bore in mind that the unit ceases to be its quiet self while it is running all cylinders in Turbo mode. For setting it in its most silent state, you can use the Sleep mode feature.

Parameter Value
Room Area Covered 215 sq.ft
Filters Composite filter, HEPA filter
CADR 168
Filter Replacement Indicator No
Odour Sensor No
Dust + Light Sensor No
Econavi No
Sleep/Turbo Modes Yes
Child Lock No
Weight 4.2 Kgs
Dimensions(H*W*D) cm 54*31.1*21
No. of speed settings 3

pbj30ard-backview Pros

Cheap and fulfills basic air purifier functions
Very Quiet and consumes less power(28 W)


No Filter replacement indicator- You’ve to rely on the purifier to show signs of need of replacement otherwise filter life is 2 years
No Odor sensor
If you are HEPA-phyllic it doesn’t have HEPA filter

Panasonic Helpline

Panasonic Air Purifier Customer Care