Panasonic Nanoe air purifiers are specially designed purifiers with unique technologies that ensure clean air and great functionality all day long. With the pollution getting worse every day, getting clean and healthy air is increasingly becoming a concern for many home owners. To avoid severe breathing and health problems for the general public, it is advisable to invest in a good air cleaner.

As usual, the rule of thumb when getting an air purifier is checking the CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) and noting the coverage area to getting the best purifier for their space. The Panasonic Nanoe convinces us it is worth every penny by matching great functionality with style. There are several models with various CADR ratings for different room sizes.

So what exactly is NANOE technology?

The Panasonic air conditioning system utilizes Nanoe-G technology which is a revolutionary air-filtering and purifying system. 3 trillion fine particles are captured and released by the system to inactivate 99% airborne bacteria and viruses. With this done, the appliance ensures faster cleaning of the air indoors. Further, it neutralizes odors to provide a healthier and more pleasant environment.

In a nutshell, the Nanoe-G technology does the following:

  • Removes Airborne Particles

This technology effectively removes up to 99% of airborne dust, germs, bacteria, mold and viruses.

  • Deactivates Adhesive Micro-Organisms and Deodorizes Adhesive Odors

The Nanoe-G technology deactivates up to 99% viruses and bacteria and also inhibits mold growth that settles on surfaces around you. The odors that hold onto sofas and curtains are deodorized.

The Nanoe-G technology deactivates 99% viruses and bacteria trapped in the filter.

Features of Panasonic Nanoe Air Purifiers

One unique feature that is common with Nanoe-G purifiers is that most have ECONAVI. ECONAVI intelligent sensors usually detect unconscious waste of energy in the home using the Sunlight sensor and Human Activity sensor. It can monitor movements, absence, human location and sunlight intensity. It will then automatically adjust the cooling power to conserve energy efficiently with uninterrupted convenience and comfort.

Providing superior energy-saving performance, Panasonic’s inverter system can be linked to ECONAVI to detect when energy is being ill-used. ECONAVI senses the absence or presence of humans and the level of activity in every area of a home or office. When unnecessary cooling or heating is detected, the indoor units are individually monitored to match the home or office conditions for energy-saving operation.

This technology is installed in three Panasonic air purifiers – the F-VXH70-W, F-VXH80-S, and F-VXH50. While you perform your normal activities like cooking in the house, leaving the home, going to the office, watching TV or any of your usual activities, ECONAVI measures the quality of air during these moments and adjusts accordingly. This unparalleled intelligence allows air purifiers to regulate the pathogens, irritants and contaminants even before they spread out through the home. It also knows when to control pet dander and odors in the home. This is perfect for those who have pets in the house and babies or ailing members of the family.

Panasonic Nanoe Generator F-GMK01-K

Benefit #1 Ergonomic and Compact Design

It is easy to use and with a modern, stylish torch-like design, the F-GMK01-K can fit into any space . It is easy to move around so you can carry it wherever it is needed. The air purifier will not get in your way even if you place it on your work table or desk. With a bottom diameter 66 × height 150 mm the appliance fits effortlessly with the car cup holder.

Benefit # 2 8 hour automatic turn timer

Panasonic Nanoe Generator F-GMK01-K  has an 8 hour automatic turn timer that is convenient for the user  even when they forget .

Benefit # 3 Memory – Function

This helps the user to save the settings that they use or suitable for them before they turn off the device. Therefore, the machine is convenient for its users because they don’t have to put in the settings afresh  as they can enjoy them as soon as they turn on the device.

Benefit #4 Air flow control louver

The Panasonic Nanoe Generator F-GMK01-K  has an air flow louver that aids one to be able to change the angle and direction the air in two steps ; it can send the air straight or according to the space and even car model.

Panasonic F-PXK55-K

Benefit # 1 ECONAVI

The Panasonic F-PXK55-K comes with EcoNavi feature which when in takes over operations  and omits automatic wasteful  operations that aid in saving power. Further, it does patrol operations such as checking dust in the air at regular intervals.

Benefit # 2 House dust catcher

It has  powerful suction inlets in the “house dust catcher’ on both sides and in addition to this there is also one suction inlet below that makes it possible to inhale dust drifting on the floor 30cms. This makes  it recommendable  for people with babies and pets.

Benefit # 3 Illumination sensor

The device also comes with illumination sensors which aim at becoming dark and saving energy. It also has air volume indicators when it is time to go to bed. This ensures that your sleep is not affected by the light emanating from the device.

Panasonic Air Purifier F-VXH50-W

Benefit # 1 Great Functionality

The Panasonic Air Purifier F-VXH50-W has great functionality with an all angle 3D circulation airflow that captures pollutants from both sides and also a front inlet. It also has a Mega Catcher feature which when it detects the air quality to be poor, the front panel opens thus allowing stronger absorption of thee pollutants. All 3 filters have a 10 year life span which makes it convenient for the user.

Benefit # 2 Indicators

The Panasonic Air Purifier F-VXH50-W has indicators. The clean sign is blue when air is pure, minor red when the air is slightly dirty and red when the air is very dirty. It also has intelligent light which gets dim or switches off in presence of people. The device also has an adjustable airflow for faster cleaning and auto filter replacement that reminds you when to change or clean your filter.

Benefit # 3 ECONAVI

The device comes with the EcoNavi technology that makes the device save up to 40% of power because of its ability to memorize the timeline of the pollution level  and operating only when it’s necessary  which makes it an efficient .

Benefit # 4 Child lock/ Sleep mode

It also come with a child lock feature which protects curious children from tampering with the device and also has a sleep mode which also aids in saving power when the device is not active.

Benefit #5 Long life composite filter & deodorizing filter

The long-life filters mean that you will not be buying filters often thus saving a lot when it comes to maintenance costs.

Panasonic Nano-e Nano Care Air Cleaner F-GME03-W

Benefit # 1 Striking and Compact Design

The Nano-e Nano Care Cleaner F-GMEO3-W has a compact body size that is small and as such can be placed on a desk or even moved to another place with ease. It also has a striking appearance which helps it blend into the interior design.

Benefit # 2 Noiseless design

The Panasonic Nano-e Nano Care Air Cleaner F-GME03-W  has a noiseless design that make sit run quietly on its lowest and highest speeds and as such it is great for usage in bedrooms and other places where silence is key.  It is silent yet strong hence it will work better than other equivalent systems. It however needs a phase down converter to plug it into the British isles .

Benefit # 3 Very impressive design and functions

The device comes with Nano-e technology wrapped with special water that suppresses the activity of attached bacteria and viruses. It also removes any smell that attaches to the fiber and the suppression and deodorization of allergens.

Benefit # 4 Easy to operate

It is very easy to use making it very convenient for home use.

Panasonic Air Purifier F-VXH80-S

Benefit # 1 Carry Handle, Portable

The Panasonic Air Purifier F-VXH80-S is portable as comes with a carry handle which makes it easy to move from one area to the next. With its portability, the machine is extremely versatile as you can travel with it or move it to other locations as needed.

Benefit # 2 Great Functionality

It also has superb functionality as it automatically changes the air filtration speed according to the surrounding air quality. In addition, the purifier comes with a Super Nanotech deodorizing technology that removes all manner of smells in no time. Its Allelebuster anti-allergen component one doesn’t have to be troubles about sleeping with pets around.. However, the device is quite large and its heavy frame one would rather keep it in the bedroom.

Benefit # 3 Quiet Operation

The Panasonic Air Purifier F-VXH80-S run quite silent on its lowest speed and even when operating at maximum speed.


Living in a huge city means that you and your family are constantly at risk of catching airborne contaminants consistently. Indoor air can be very dangerous when it contains irritants and germs that pose a health risk for all.

Your indoor air is usually dirtier than the air outside. Since we invest the vast majority of our energy inside our homes, our introduction to bad air quality puts us at risk of various illnesses. These includes asthma, sensitivities and respiratory conditions.

Panasonic Nanoe air purifiers are great appliances to have in the home for the purification of indoor air. With a range that is suitable for all room sizes, the Panasonic Nanoe air purifiers are best suited for homes. You can get large purifiers that work for larger spaces or smaller ones that will serve smaller rooms best.