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Are you in need of a Portland indoor air quality services? Western Heating
and Cooling can help. Here in Portland, homeowners and businesses alike
rightfully concentrate on keeping their space warm in the winter and cool
in the summer. But there’s more to the equation than just temperature
control. Humidity can be stifling in the summer, while dry air in the
winter can lead to cracked lips and increased colds. Pollen and dust in
the air present a risk to anyone with sensitive lungs, and heat build-up
in your attic and other spots can wreak havoc on your household comfort levels.

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What Kinds Of Indoor Air Quality Products Are There?

A quality indoor air product installed and maintained by the pros at
Western Heating & Cooling can do wonders for addressing these issues. Not only will an indoor air
quality product improve your overall quality of life, but they can help
ease the strain on your heater and air conditioner: lowering bills and
extending the overall life of your HVAC system.

Depending On Your Needs, These Products Can:

  • Lower (or raise) the humidity levels
  • Eliminate germs in your home
  • Reduce the levels of dust and other contaminants in your system

The term “indoor air quality” actually encompasses a number of
different fields, from relative humidity levels to dust and pollen counts.
Every home is different, both in terms of its physical parameters and
in terms of the people who live there. You need a professional indoor
air quality service that can cater to your unique needs instead of just
offering a one-size-fits-all solution. Our friendly team of Portland indoor
air quality technicians is standing by to
answer all your questions.

What Does My Indoor Air Quality System Need?

Different systems have different needs, and we can work with you to determine
which filter or purifier is right for your home. For example, we often
recommend that customers with ducted systems opt for the Air Scrubber.
This offers air quality control in multiple ways, reducing contaminants
with filtration systems as well as purifying the air with UV light. Those
with a Mitsubishi ductless system, on the other hand, would be better
served by a mini Air Scrubber, which accounts for the decreased amount
of air it needs to move and offers greater efficiency in the space.

Our Trusted Portland Indoor Air Quality Services

At Western Heating & Cooling, we’ll go through all your options
with you, then help you select the right indoor air quality system for
your needs. Our Portland indoor air quality specialists will install it
so that it fits perfectly with your existing
heating and
air conditioning system, and if you ever need repairs or maintenance, our trained crew can be
there in a flash. Below is a quick breakdown of the various types of indoor
air quality system available to you.

Air Filters

Air filters encompass a wide variety of products, from simple filters you can replace
after a month or two to full–bore purification systems designed
to rid your air of all manner of particles in your air. Which one you
need depends on the specifics of your home, but all of them work at removing
dust and other contaminants from the environment.

Air Purifiers

Traditional air filters do a decent job, but no matter how tight they are,
they still leave tiny openings for dust to get through. An
electronic air purifier, however, does the job even more thoroughly. As dust passes through an ionization
chamber, it becomes charged and sticks to the sides of a collection plate,
no exceptions.

Attic & Bath Fans

Attic and bath fans both work to keep your home more cool and comfortable.
Attic fans help circulate the heated air that rises from your home, while
bath fans work to reduce the amount of mold and bacteria growth in your
bathroom (which often lacks other forms of proper ventilation).

Duct Sealing

Duct breaches can create big problems for your HVAC system, pulling conditioned
air out or pulling unconditioned air in. They can be tough to track too
since they exist in your crawlspaces or attic most of the time and don’t
show overt signs of problems. A trained indoor air quality technician
can perform
duct sealing for you.

Exhaust Fans

Exhaust fans are normally found in your kitchen, where it can help disperse smoke or
bad smells from cooking. They also appear in the bathroom and can be used
anywhere in the home that’s prone to contaminants and unwanted smells.
The indoor air quality pros at Western Heating & Cooling can provide
sound advice on exhaust fans, as well as performing installation and repairs.

UV Air Purifier

UV air purifier is designed specifically to remove germs, viruses, and bacteria from your
home. The UV light stretches across the apex to your heating and cooling
ducts, and as the system runs, all of the air in your home gradually passes
through it. Germs and bacteria are instantly killed, leaving your home
cleaner and healthier than before.

Air Scrubbers

air scrubber is a portable air filtration system that removes particles, gases, and
chemicals from the air. Air scrubbers draw in impurities from the surrounding
air and pass them through a series of filters to remove the contaminants.

Trust Western Heating & Cooling For Indoor Air Quality Services

Your home isn’t like any other, and as such your
indoor air quality needs are unique. That’s why you need the services of Western Heating
& Cooling to handle your IAQ devices. We’ll help you determine
which system is best suited to you, then install it into your home with
professionalism and pride. Our Portland indoor air quality technicians
will be by your side with
maintenance and repair issues as well, and when the time comes, we’ll replace
your outdated equipment with a new top-of-the-line model as well.

With our help, your home will be cleaner, healthier and happier than ever, so
give us a call today for Portland indoor air quality services at (503) 303-0771!