Complete 2021 Air Purifier Price List of Various Brands and Types. Clean air is a necessity for everyone so that the body gets a quality oxygen supply. Unfortunately, the air is currently polluted by various pollutants. Especially in urban or industrial areas where the air quality has been greatly reduced. If you inhale this kind of air for a long time, of course it will have an impact on your health.

Fortunately, now there is something called an air purifier or Air Purifier. Air purifier is an air treatment technology that functions to filter the air in the house to be clean from pollutants. This tool is able to filter out pollutants such as animal hair, fungi, bacteria, pollen, and of course dust. The way this air purifier works is by using an internal fan system that sucks air in the house then a series of filters in it will destroy disturbing pollutants so that the air becomes clear.

Uses of Purifer Water

After knowing what an air purifier is. You should know the benefits of this technology if you have one at home. Thanks to its ability to filter air, here are the various uses of an air purifier:

1. Purifying the Air

EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) revealed that indoor air is estimated to be two to five times dirtier than outdoor air. Not many air purifiers are capable of handling this. However, an air purifier can purify the dirty air in the house to then be managed again into clean air.

2. Eliminate Odors

In the indoor room smells usually appear annoying. The smell comes from cooking activities, kitchen waste, or it could be due to pollution from outside air entering the house. The Japan Spinners Inspecting Foundation has tested the air purifier using 6 levels of odor measurement and has proven that it is highly effective at removing bad odors.

3. Handling Allergies

A series of layered water purifier filtration systems in the form of a pre filter, HEPA, and ionizer. The ionizer stage allows the air purifier to release negative ions so that the remaining air particles in the house are positively ionized. People who always breathe positive ionized air will produce antibodies that are useful to fight various allergens and infections.

4. Eliminate Bacteria and Viruses

Retroscreen Virology UK has conducted research on air purifiers. Researchers tried to put the virus in the air purifier box and calculate the amount of virus reduction after turning on the air purifier. It is proven that air purifiers can kill bacteria and viruses in the room, making the air healthier to breathe.

5. Neutralize Cigarette Smoke

Besides being annoying, cigarette smoke is also very dangerous for the health of people who breathe it. Cigarette smoke can trigger various diseases such as heart disease, pneumonia, asthma, and bronchitis. This bad risk can be avoided by having an air purifier. This is because the air purifier is able to capture pollutant particles up to 3 microns. That way cigarette smoke can be filtered through the filtration system earlier.

Price of Air Purifier 2021

After knowing the various benefits of an air purifier above, you should start considering buying the device. The air quality in your room will be safer to breathe if you have an air purifier. Well, here is a price list,

Air Purifier Product Type & Brand Price
Sharp FP-F30Y Air Purifier IDR 920,000
Sharp IG-DC2Y–B Air Purifier IDR 770,000
Sharp FP-FM40Y-B Air Purifier IDR 2,870,000
Panasonic F-GMG01AKN Car Air Purifier IDR 1,000,000
Panasonic F-PXM55AAN Nanoo Air Purifier IDR 3,950,000
Tefal Air Purifier Intense Pure Air Auto PU 4025 G0 IDR 2,750,000
Daikin MC55UVM6 Air Purifier IDR 3,725,000
SANKEN Air Purifier SAP-300 IDR 1,440,000
WYNS PA500 Air Purifier IDR 4,000,000
Coway Air Purifier AP-0509DH IDR 3,000,000
Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 3H International Version IDR 2,300,000
Samsung Air Purifier AX40R3030WM IDR 2,450,000
b-Mola NCCO Air Purifier 1701 IDR 8,700,000
Airocide APS 300 Air Purifier IDR 15,000,000
AirProce Clean Air Hepa Filter AI-700 IDR 70,000,000