“Ideal Air has been servicing our system for over 12 years. James and his crew are well trained and knowledgeable of the complete home air experience! About 10 years ago, they installed an Aprilaire whole house air filter (you change the filter once a year), extremely affordable! I recently (yesterday) upgraded its filter element to the highest MERV rated filter and since then, the air feels crisp and better. It not only reduces the dust in the air and on the surfaces, it too helps to remove airborne particles remarkably! The filter has many options to choose from and I chose at the time the best available and since then, its still is top of the line! Last July, I called them out for a routine A/C tune-up and they made me aware of a product called Nu-Calgon iWave-R air cleaner. I was a bit skeptical but agreed to have it installed. In just a day or so, you could feel the difference! We have 3 dogs and they do things sometimes that create a smell. Along with cooking smells, this device actually removes smells in a very short time! This device reduces allergens, odors, smoke, static electricity and other airborne particles. You would have to feel it to believe it! It ionizes the air! Great product! So with this virus epidemic threatening us, yesterday I had Ideal Air install another device, an UltraMax EZUV air purifier. This device purifies the air and removes allergens, bio growth that develops in the air conditioning system, mold, algae and viruses among other things. Not only does it purify the air but it keeps your coil and ductwork clean as well! The health benefit alone is key. My wife suffers with allergies something awful. This morning when she woke up, she told me ‘do you feel the air’? I said, I do, its different, its so much better! She said when she woke up, no scratchy itchy eyes, no cough and a general better well being feeling. I have to very much agree! I too had the same experience. This is no sales pitch, this is what we’ve experienced and I would not have know about any of these products if it were not for James and his crew! If you are concerned about them coming into your house, they did for just a couple minute when needed and they wore protection to keep them and you from any contact with potential viruses. Very professional! I’d like to thank Eric and Allen who came out yesterday to install the UV filter. They did an amazing job with tuning up, inspecting and installing the UV filter! They found a couple things that needed attention other than the A/C system itself! I had a dryer vent pipe that was spewing lint back into the attic and settling on the furnace and my Ceiling insulation was less than adequate, it settled severely. I will have them come out to address those things very soon. I recommend you do not wait, have them come out and recommend what products that would make your home more comfortable and safe! My house is now 96% virus free and that is about 96% better than it was! James Sharpe, you and your company are the go to people I recommend to all that ask me. Your team does the job right!”

– Ken Bonvillian