*1 Effectiveness in a test space of 31 m3 after 195 min. of

*2 Effectiveness in a closed test space of 25 m3 after 18 min. of

*3 Effectiveness in a test space of 31 m3 after four weeks of use
(one day: 24 hours).

*4 Effectiveness in a test space of 41 m3 after 80 min. of use. The
effectiveness depends on the odor type, odor intensity, and
material of object measured.

*5 Effectiveness in a test space of 41 m3 after 10 min. of


Model Name: FP-F40E

Color: W (white)

Recommended Area

Air Purifying *1: 30m2

Recommended Area

For high-density Plasmacluster ions*2: 23m2

Voltage/Frequency (V/Hz): 220-240, 50/60

Power Input (Max / Med / Low) (Watts): 31 / 12 / 3.7-5.9

Standby Power (W): 1.0

Air Flow (Max / Med / Low) (m2/hour): 240 / 150 / 48-90

Noise Level (Max / Med / Low) (dBA): 49 / 38 / 21-30

Filter Type

Dust Collection: HEPA*2

Deodorization: Yes

Pre-Filter: Yes

Filter Life

Dust Collection: Up to 2 years*

Deodorizing filter: Up to 2 years*


Odour: No

Dust: Yes

Clean sign indicator

Dust and odour: Yes

Power Cord Length (m): approx 2

Plug Type: Type C (2-pin)

Dimensions (W x H x D) (mm): 383 x 540 x 209

Net Weight (kg): 4.7

Replacement filter

HEPA Filter: FZ-F40SFE

Plasmacluster ion purification

Airborne microbes: Airborne mould, Dust mite remain allergens,
Airborne microbes, Dust mite faeces allergens, Ammonia odour,
Airborne viruses

Clinging odours: Smoke odour, Body odour

Filter purification

Capture and reduction of growth: Airborne microbes, Dust mite
remains, Viruses, Dust mite faeces, Tree pollen

Deodorizing: Smoke odour, Mould odour, Kitchen garbage odour, Pet
odour, Ammonia odour, Toilet odour, Body odour, Cooking

Capture: Airborne mould, Pet dander, smoke, Plant pollen, Pet hair,
Mite dust, Tree pollen, Dust, Diesel exhaust