Sharp FP-J60M-H

Rs 35,000

Sharp’s latest ‘J’ range of air purifiers are loaded with multiple features. The range is priced between Rs 19,250 to Rs 38,000 and our review is based on the J60 that has all the features available in the J range. The J60 has a clean air delivery date (CADR) of 396 cubic metres per hour which means that its ideal for large bedrooms or living rooms (up to 550 square feet).

Despite the large coverage area, some clever engineering makes it very quiet. Even at maximum speed, the sound is not overpowering. It uses Sharp’s Active Plasmacluster ion technology (static electricity) to remove PM2.5 and PM10 particles, airborne molds, allergens, viruses (like H1N1) and even bacteria like E.Coli. There are a limited number of purifiers that offer this kind of deep cleaning.

A nice new feature that’s uncommon on air purifiers is the Spot mode. In Spot, the unit pushes out high speed air from the front, making it easy to focus the purified air in a particular direction. This will come in handy for removing pet odour/dander, cooking smells and anything that tends to linger in one area. There are also dedicated modes for haze and pollen.

Sharp FP-J60M-HAgencies

The purifier has a numeric LED display that shows you PM 2.5 levels in real-time. There’s also a colour-based indicator of air quality (red/orange is bad while blue is good). A built-in light sensor automatically switches off of the bright LEDs when the room lights go out.

On many other brands, you have to activate a night or sleep mode to do this. Only thing is, since it’s a purifier meant for a large room, it is also quite larger and bulky itself. You’ll need to make space for it and make sure it has enough space around it for it to function effectively.

Inside, there’s a washable pre-filter (for dust, hair and large particles) and an electrostatic HEPA filter for the PM2.5/10. Sharp says the main HEPA filter can last up to 2 years depending on ambient air quality and number of hours of use. You should take that claim with a pinch of salt because it also depends on you being able to switch off the unit while sweeping the room and regularly cleaning (vacuuming) the surface.

Each replacement filter is Rs 7,000 which is fairly pricey. If you need something for a large room, the Sharp J60 is effective and efficient (20 to 38 watts). Or you could always get two Mi Purifier 2S (Rs 8,999 each with Rs 2,199 filter replacement cost) for a combined capacity of 800 square feet.

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In A Maze Of Dust

The past week has seen hazardous air quality levels in India’s National Capital. Delhi has been covered in a thick layer of haze and dust, compromising the health of its residents.

As air quality worsens, a health emergency has been declared in Delhi – schools are closed, cars on the roads have been reduced with the ‘odd-even’ scheme, and construction has been halted.

The current crisis, that led Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal to describe the National Capital as a ‘gas chamber’, has turned into the worst in three years. Smog levels have exceeded those of Beijing by more than three times, according to a report in news agency AFP.

Fourteen Indian cities including the capital are among the world’s top 15 most polluted cities, according to the World Health Organization.

Even as environmentalists and residents call for measures to fight the pollution, there are some precautions that you need to take to stay safe during such severe conditions.