Sharp Air Purifier reviewThe Sharp FU-A80E-W took everyone at Which Air Purifier by surprise. Better known for its range of TVs and kitchen items, we weren’t expecting the FU-A80E to be too strong a performer.

We were wrong. As we found out in our Sharp FU-A80E-W review, the model packs a punch and competes with the offerings from Panasonic and Philips.

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The near silent operation of the unit means that it isn’t competing with your ceiling fan or air conditioning unit when it comes to noise levels. It can sit in any room and you would barely know that it is on, such is the whisper quiet operation of it. Even at the maximum fan speed, the decibel level is 75 db, which is about the noise of someone speaking loudly.

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FU-A80E Air Purifier Cost

The FU-A80E model is priced towards the higher end of the market due to the number of features built in and due to the fact that it can efficiently clean a larger room than cheaper air purifiers.

Currently the retail price is Rs 35,000 in the stores but we found it for much cheaper on a popular ecommerce site for much less. The cheapest price we found for the Sharp FU-A80E-W was Rs 27,000 which is Rs 5,000 cheaper than the in the shops.

At this price, Sharp is competing with the Philips AC4072 and the Panasonic F-PXH55MWU-D.

Cleaning Ability

When you’ve been out of the house all day or the air quality levels in your city deteriorate, the Sharp air purifier has a ‘shower’ mode. This setting switches the fan on to turbo for an hour to ensure the air in the entire room is cleansed of harmful gases and particles.

Retail air purifiers like the ones from Philips, Panasonic and Sharp are great for the home but not for larger spaces. This particular Sharp model is effective for spaces up to 700 square feet which is perfect for lounges and living rooms. For smaller rooms such as the bedrooms, a smaller and cheaper model can be considered like the Philips AC-4025.

One of the concerns that anyone has when buying an air purifier, especially in a city like Delhi where the air quality is notoriously bad, is the longevity of the filters. To combat this, the Sharp FU-A80E contains two pre-filters which allow the more expensive HEPA filter to remove only the finest of particles.

Replacement filters cost around Rs 10,000 but considering they last for over two years, this cost is nominal given that the air in your apartment will finally be safe to breathe.

The activated carbon filter works to cleanse the air of odours and other gases. Together, this level of filtration produces clean air for your bedroom or living room.

Sharp FU-A80E W in Action

The video below from Sharp shows the FU-A80E-W model in action. It also helps give you a sense of size and will help you figure out where to put this in your home.

FU-A80E Power Requirements

Air purifiers do not have big power requirements. The filtration process is mostly non-mechanical and the only moving part is the air intake fan. This means that the cost of running your air purifier, even all day, is very low – about as much as an incandescent light bulb.

At full power, FU-A80E requires 75 watts. However, you shouldn’t need to run it at full power all the time, in which case the power requirements dip significantly.

Sharp is well known for its after sales service, however we are concerned that customers in non-metro cities might face some delay in getting their units serviced. However, for customers in Delhi, Mumbai and other metros, service and replacement filters should be fairly easy to come by.

The filters do need to be cleaned every few months, just like your A/C filters. That said, Sharp claims the filters will last for up to 24 months under normal operation.

The FU-A80E-W comes with a one year manufacturers warranty which will replace the product should any defects occur.

At Rs 26,000, the Sharp FU-A80E-W is not the cheapest air purifier on the market. At a similar price range you have the excellent Panasonic F-PHX55MWUD-49-watt-air-purifier.

In the shops, the Sharp FU-A80E retails for around Rs 35,000. However, we found this popular ecommerce website stocking it for less than Rs 27,000.

Get the Best Price for Sharp A80E-W Air Purifier

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