When you think of Teva, you probably think of strappy, hike-ready utility sandals that you can find on trails just as easily as city streets. They are beloved by hypebeasts, practical utilitarians, and outdoorsy folk alike. But when I think of Teva, I think of my go-to lounging shoes: the Ember Moc.

I’ve had these shoes (available for both men and women) for nearly three years now, and they have accompanied me to fall canyoneering trips in Moab, campsites in Idaho, snowy ski yurts in Montana, picnics in Liberty Park, and—arguably, most importantly—the grocery store. And they are still comfortable after all this time, which is not a common trait of lounge shoes or slippers.

[Photo: courtesy Teva]

That’s because they strike the perfect balance between sneaker and slipper. The grippy sole and substantial foam midsole give the Ember Moc structure and durability, while the insulated sleeping bag-like upper (with its soft, collapsible heel) keeps your feet cozy. It’s like having your feet wrapped in pillows—but the practical kind of pillows that also have a no-slip rubber sole.

I’ll admit that the Ember Moc wasn’t a product that I loved straight out of the box. I wasn’t the biggest fan when I first slipped my feet in and felt stiff structure when I expected slipper-softness. But after taking them out camping and wearing them a few times around town (I discovered they are quite handy to wear to and from fitness classes), I started to notice that the footbed formed perfectly to my feet and that stiff feeling shifted into cushioned support. Now, I couldn’t imagine anything better.

[Photo: courtesy Teva]

And I’m not the only one. I’ve recently converted two of my FC colleagues into Ember Moc obsessives. They’ve been wearing them around the house, while running errands, and to the park, and popping them on to relax after hikes. And though they, too, felt that initial stiffness, they’re now firmly in the Ember Moc camp. One colleague has even been suffering from back pain, which has made her very particularly sensitive to uncomfortable shoes—but these get a passing grade.

The Ember has plenty of luxe features that keep them feeling cozy. The soft, stretchy, collapsible heel allows you to wear them as shoes or slides without breaking them (bless). Plus, the microfiber lining gives them an extra soft next-to-skin feel if you (like me) wear them without socks. (Though one of my colleagues reports that the shoe’s quilted fabric looks particularly cute and cozy when paired with Smartwool’s popcorn cable socks.) And if you want to go super luxe, you can get them lined in shearling.

An added antimicrobial treatment helps keep smells at bay, though I’ve washed mine plenty of times on a gentle cycle and allowed them to air dry, and they’ve come out just fine. The shoes also come with a water-resistant treatment.