Features to consider before buying an air purifier with washable filter

Cleaning levels

The majority of particles that an air purifier with a washable filter eliminates from the air are around 0.3 microns or larger. These air pollutants include things like smoke, mould, dust mites, pollen, and dust. It is crucial to consider filters that catch things of such sizes or larger to decongest the air making it healthy to breathe.

The Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR level)

The CADR, tells you the volume of filtered air that an air purifier can create. The CADR ratings usually show how dependable an air purifier with washable filter is. The higher the rating, the better it is at eliminating specific contaminants.

Coverage area

Any coverage area of an air purifier with a washable filter indicates the largest room that the air purifier is usable in. Some air purifiers with washable filters have smaller coverage areas of up to 80 square feet(7.43 sq. metres).

These small coverage areas are ideal for smaller sizes of rooms. On the other hand, larger coverage areas signify that they can be used in larger spaces. For example, the living rooms or the kitchens.

How you choose an air purifier with washable filters highly depends on the size of the area you want to purify. Before you make any purchase, ensure you know the size of the room you need a purifier for. Then select an air purifier that circulates and filters the air approximately 5 times every hour.


All air purifiers with washable filters are designed in a wide range of sizes. Some air purifiers are small and wide, whereas others are tall and thin. If space is not a problem, the size will not be an issue. You can get any size as long as it has the main features you are looking for.

However, those with limited space must keenly check the size as bigger models may have difficulty fitting. If you are looking for a portable air purifier, dimensions are very important to consider. Even though most devices weigh around 15 pounds (6.8 kg), you can find air purifiers with under 5 pounds (2.27 kg). Go for one that is easy to move from place to place if you intend to move it often.

Additional features

However, the main purpose of an air purifier with washable filters is to clean the air in your residential home or office. Any additional features boost their convenience and usability. Some features such as multiple fan speeds help to boosts an air purifier with washable filters. Henceforth, you ought to select the best by how many you think you will need for your rooms.

An auto shut-off feature is important because it turns the air purifier with washable filters off at precise times mostly when the standard of the air freshens. Then again, a timer permits you to run it for the particular time you set it. It is also beneficial to get one that has different modes. For instance, while on sleeping mode, the lights dim and the fan quiets while you sleep.

Remote control comes handy also because it allows you to alter the settings without having to manoeuvre. Additional features such as a variety of colours and fashionable designs help you place your new air purifier with washable filters with other pieces of your décor.

Lastly, there are filterless air purifiers that come without any filters but are less reliable and very few in the market as compared to purifiers with washable filters.