In addition to three filters, the Coway AP-1512HH Mighty Air Purifier includes ionization, and the fan speed adjusts based on the air quality.

Coway is one of the top names in air purifiers and the Coway AP-1512HH Mighty Air Purifier is its most popular model. It has an array of high-end features, including an air quality indicator, an auto mode that adjusts the fan speed to the air quality, and a shut-off timer.

The Mighty has a CADR of 246 cubic feet per minute for dust, 240 for pollen, and 233 for smoke, which makes it a good option for rooms of up to 460 square feet. The air goes through four filter stages: pre-filter, odor filter, true HEPA filter, and a vital ionizer. An ionizer electrically charges air molecules for purification; it can lower bacterial infections by removing particles in the air. But note that the effectiveness has been questioned and may emit ozone. Fortunately, any ozone exposure is minimal, and you can turn the ionizer off if you’re concerned.

The Coway Mighty is one of three air purifiers I’m currently running in my home. My son has it in his bedroom so we can minimize our home’s “teen odor index.” We’ve had it for a year, and it does an outstanding job. And, I like how easy it is to clean the pre-filter: When the indicator light tells me it’s time for cleaning, I just run a cordless handheld vacuum over it. So far, I haven’t had to replace the filter, but it’s pretty affordable (currently $37.83) and it lasts for a year.

The Wirecutter recommends the Coway Mighty as the best air purifier. It found it to be the ideal size for living rooms, playrooms, and master bedrooms. Of the 32 air purifiers tested, it was one of the most economical, durable, and best-performing. However, it notes that it’s too easy to accidentally use the unit without first removing the plastic wrapping from the filter; failure to unwrap the filter will not only cause the appliance to not work properly, but it could damage it.

The Spruce recommends it because it runs quietly on low and automatically adjusts the fan speed based on the air quality. One of its testers is prone to pollen- and allergen-induced nosebleeds, but during the week of testing, they did not experience any health-related issues. Another tester noticed it helped with dog odors.

Note: Coway has a newer version, called the Airmega 200M (see below in “what else we considered”). The 200M is more powerful, based on our testing, but is otherwise similar in performance to the Mighty. This is where things get tricky: Depending on the color, you can sometimes find the newer Airmega 200M to be significantly cheaper than the Mighty. If this is what you’re seeing, we suggest going with the cheaper of the two. Regardless, we think you’ll be satisfied with either.

Pros: Automatically adjusts fan speed based on pollutants in the air; timer; four-stage filtration; eco mode

Cons: High power consumption, gets loud on high