1. Antistatic filter – removes larger particles of dust, mold, hair, dandruff and hair
2. Antibacterial filter – Removes residual small dust particles, bacteria ≥ 1 micron and pollen
3. Hepa filter H13 – removes 99.97% of 0.3 micron particles, coated with an antibacterial organic material, prevents the formation of mold, removes bacterial sticks, fungal spores, dust particles and tobacco smoke – reduces the risk of infection
4. Allergy filter – contains ginkgo leaf extract helpful in the treatment of asthma, lung diseases and circulation problems, and a mixture of silver, apatite (a mineral) and an antibacterial agent – removes allergens, bacteria and viruses
5. Carbon filter – eliminates unpleasant odors and toxic gases
6. Negative ion generator – negative ions are “vitamins from the air”. Negative ions normalize the level of serotonin, improve immunity, sleep quality, mood and significantly reduce the amount of viruses in the air. They improve the functioning of the cilia in the airways that they protect the lungs from irritation, inflammation, colds, flu, asthma and viral diseases.


Therapy Air®iOn is the perfect solution for you to live and work in clean, safe and healthy places. Now you can control the degree of dust, temperature and humidity in your home or office by eliminating air pollution with TherapyAir® iOn by Zepter. Our pioneering device, consisting of a 6-stage filtration system with a negative ion generator, generates approximately 1,236,000 negatively charged ions per square meter, equivalent to the amount of ions found in the healthiest places in the world.


According to the World Health Organization, a quarter of the world’s population now breathes hazardous air. 4.3 million deaths annually worldwide are attributed to indoor air pollution. The link between polluted air and poor health is appalling. Poor air quality in our homes and workplaces promotes the development of infections, chronic respiratory diseases such as asthma, and has the potential to increase the risk of lung cancer, stroke and heart attack. May cause headache, rhinitis, nausea, peeling skin and dry eyes.


A study by William Fisk of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California shows that better indoor air quality increases employee productivity, helping to save up to $ 200 billion a year. If the blood does not contain enough oxygen, our brain tire quickly and we lose our ability to think soberly. We become more prone to depression, our immune system weakens and we are more prone to developing numerous diseases.


In the air of our homes, they find harmful particles, such as pollution, allergens, pollen and mold. We also need to fight volatile organic particles, chemicals that are hazardous air pollutants, such as paints, cleaners, solvents and other household products that contribute to poor air quality. During the winter season, poor water quality may be responsible for frequent colds and an increased risk of flu.


1. ANTISTATIC FILTER – eliminates larger particles of dust, mold, hair, dandruff, animal hair etc.

2. ANTIBACTERIAL FILTER removes the remaining smaller dust particles, bacteria above 1 micron, pollen, etc., protecting the HEPA filter located next to it.

3. FILTER HEPA H13 – eliminates the smallest particles of dust and tobacco smoke while the antibacterial thiabendazole (an organic antibacterial chemical compound) removes bacilli, mold and germs to stop the risk of infection.

4. ANTI-ALLERGY FILTER – is a composition of silver, apatite and an antibacterial factor that is very effective in the fight against Legionella bacteria, especially dangerous for our babies. The filter contains ginkgo leaf extract, used in the fight against asthma, lung disease and circulation problems, and to eliminate the causes of allergies, influenza virus and bacteria.

5. ACTIVATED CARBON FILTER Eliminates unpleasant cooking odors, toxic gases and other odors thanks to high absorption.

6. NEGATIVE ION GENERATOR generates over 1 mil of negative ions / cm3. Negative ions help purify the air by attaching to airborne particles and thus stressing them. This allows particles to be trapped more easily by the filters of the air purifier or settle on the floor where they can be removed by a vacuum cleaner instead of being accidentally inhaled.


TherapyAir innovation and efficiency® iThey go hand in hand with the following amenities:

  • Wall mountable and remote control for your convenience;
  • 5-step operating mode;
  • 3 working modes including:
    • Sleep mode – automatic transition to silent mode, which ensures clean air at night;
    • Child mode – the air circulation rate is slowed down so that the child does not feel cold.
  • Automatic stop of all operations if the front cover is opened. The inflow and outflow of air has been designed to ensure your safety and protect against accidents;
  • air quality sensor

In April 2020, the Therapy Air Ion device received a CERTIFICATE confirming the high efficiency of filter level separation against the smallest particles, such as fine dust, bacteria, mold and viruses.
This is especially true for droplet-borne microorganisms such as SARS-CoV-2.
The test was carried out in Germany by the certified engineering laboratory GUI-LAB under the supervision of Dr. Andreas Winkens VDI.
The GUI-LAB certificate is another confirmation of the high effectiveness of Therapy Air iON in the fight against viruses.

Certificates awarded: