Points You Need To Remember First

Before you start the hunt for best from our top 10 best air purifiers for home list, note the following points.

#1 Start by noting down the room size in the square meter for the room where you’re going to install the air purifier.

#2, Please note and understand that portable air purifying products are designed to cater just one single room at once.

#3 Always avoid Ionizers and UV Light based air purifier models. These models release ozone as the byproduct which is known for its adverse effects.

#4 You Must consider the overall cost of replacing the air filters and the electricity charges. To offer the best results, an air purifier is supposed to run always. Thus, always go with an energy efficient model so that you don’t end up paying high electricity charges.

Know The Air Purifier Industry Certification | Are They Important?

buying guideThere are only two standard certifications that matter the most and taken seriously in the worldwide industry; AHAM (American) and China certifications. Both these certifications stand to ensure the quality and performance for air purifier models.

Livion, Winix, Alen BreatheSmart, Pure Enrichment, etc. are some of the popular brands having such quality and performance certifications from authorized boards. Moreover, you can just click here and explore the page to know whether the product you’re planning to buy is AHAM certified or not. Most of the brands from China follow Chinese GB/T 18801 Air Purifier standard. In the end, yes, not crucial but industry certifications matters. Industry certifications can help you ensure the quality and performance of Air purifier models available in the market.

What Are The Air Purifier Filter Types?

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What do you think defines the effectiveness of an air purifier unit? If you’re guessing “Filters” then you’re right. The type and quality of filter determine whether an air purifier unit is effective or not. Filters are designed to target unique components of the air. One of the most common Air purifier filter used in models is High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA). One of the best and impressive facts about HEPA is its ability to filter up to 99.9% airborne particles having small sizes up to 0.3 microns. For basic uses and purposes, HEPA filters work very efficiently. Most of the high-quality air purifier for home use this filter. Also, we have several best HEPA filter Air purifier in the list. Read the best Air purifier reviews to know more about the performance of best home HEPA air purifier devices.

Also, some models feature ultrafine particle filter with the HEPA filter to target particles sized finer than 0.3 microns. Well, please note that HEPA filters don’t eliminate the odor.

If you want to target odor with the best Home air purifier unit, you need to buy the one featuring activated carbon filter along with the HEPA.

The activated carbons filters are available in several types; light mesh-like filter for cooking odor removals and carbon pellets type that can remove chemicals and gaseous odor.

What’s more? We have listed some models in top 10 best air purifiers for home list that can help you customize and use the filter as per the need.

Also, please note that Air purifier filters are not designed to kill bacterias and germs. If you want to target them, you should go with the one featuring filter with antibacterial coatings. However, you must avoid the UV light models.

Few Air purifier models feature washable pre-filters that can capture dust and other large particles. We have best air purifier for dust in the list. So, read out the best air purifier reviews section to know how they perform.

What’s The Performance Rating Of The Best Home Air Purifier?

video reviewThe performance of best home air purifier units are rated by the area that they can easily cater, that’s ACH (Air Changes Per Hour) and CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate). Most of the brands usually mention the CADR ratings on the product package, but they remain silent of ACH. ACH is an essential factor and is actually something that you must find out and consider before buying any product.

What’s ACH (Air Changes Per Hour)?

ACH (Air Changes Per Hour) is nothing but is how often an air purifier unit can clean the air of the claimed area in 1 hour. It’s an important factor that one should consider as pollutants keep entering the target area and thus an Air purifier needs to clean the available air continuously. For example, a 4ACH rating of an air purifier means that the unit is capable of cleaning the target claimed area four time in one hour or after every 15 minutes the unit can replace the inside air completely.

Well, usually brands hide ACH rating and they only show the coverage area rating and CADR. Please note that, if a unit can cover larger area but have ACH rating around 2 or 1, then the performance will not be that efficient.

Filter Replacement Cost, Filter Lifespan and Noise Levels

The cost of filter replacement varies, and they usually have a lifespan of up to 6 months. Also, the availability of brand filter is another factor you shouldn’t overlook. Also, consider the power ratings, energy star ratings, and overall electricity costs.

Now when it comes to the noise levels, we recommend our buyers to go with the one having noise levels upto 35 decibels when the fan is at its highest speed. We advise you not to buy the one with 55 decibels plus ratings. Buying a unit with noise levels above 55 decibels can disturb you during sleep.

So, that’s everything you should know and consider when buying the best home air purifier from our top 10 best air purifier for home picks.

We hope this guide has explained and elaborated everything appropriately to you and now you won’t face any difficulty when hunting for the top rated home air purifiers from our top 10 best air purifier for home picks. Also, please read the best air purifier reviews section to know product specific details and the real performance facts.

So those are the top 10 best air purifier for home uses. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this top 10 picks post and it has introduced some of the top rated home air purifiers to you. We recommend all our buyers to go with the high-quality air purifier for home having quality filters equipped, performs efficiently and economically.

Thanks for reading this post.

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