Are you consider water air purifiers?

They work differently than ordinary air purifiers. The more information you can read in the post below. Also, if you think that the water air purifier is a good choice, check out these five models.


About Water Air Purifier

How Does Water Air Purifier Work?

The water-based air purifier moves the air through the water and filters it in that way. Then it sends clear and fresh air in the room. This type of air purifier is also a humidifier. The water air purifier is a good choice for people who suffer from asthma or other respiratory problems. The dry air isn’t good for any health.

Benefits Of Water Air Purifier

There are a lot of benefits, as I said, the dry air isn’t good for anyone’s health. So if you buy this item, you will have 2 products in 1 item. They usually don’t have a high price, they are budget-friendly air purifiers. Also, these water air purifiers don’t use filters, so you don’t have to replace the filters and buy new ones.

Add The Essential Oil

You don’t have to buy distilled water to fill the water tank of a water air purifier. It requires ordinary tap water. If you want, you can essential oil in the water and make an aromatherapy effect. The water-air purifier can’t clean the air so effectively like an air purifier that uses a HEPA filtration system.

About Water Air Purifier Price

That is the main advantage of a water air purifier. The ordinary air purifier and water air purifier have very different prices. The water air purifier cost less than air purifiers with filters. If you order water air purifier from the webshops, check out their delivery price.

Best 5 Water Air Purifiers

Best Water Air Purifier & Humidifier

Prolux Water-based air purifier

3 In 1 Item

The Prolux air purifier comes in white color. If you buy this air purifier you will have 3 products in 1. Prolux is an air purifier, humidifier and aromatherapy diffuser. This small water air purifier is designed for small rooms, it can’t clean the medium and large rooms. It can cover the room of only 70 square feet.

Prolux Water-based air purifier

LED Display

You can choose from two similar water air purifier, there is a model with an LED screen and a basic air purifier. In this short review, the water-air purifier with an LED screen is a target. The LED display will tell you which functions are currently turn on. There are ionizer, germ neutralizing UV light, sleep mode, power button, timer, fan speed and water illuminating LED.

Three Fan Speeds

If you turn on the sleep mode, the water-air purifier will operate at the lowest speed and all the LED lights will turn off after 1 minute, except the sleep mode icon. The fan has three speeds, so you can change them depends on your air quality.

Prolux Water-based air purifier review

Seven Colors

The water illuminating LED light colors, there are seven different colors. It is also a humidifier, so your indoor air won’t be dry. When you want to fill it with water, you just need to move a removable top and fill the water tank with water. The tank has capacity of 2 liters. You can add a couple of drops of essential oil for a decent scent. The Prolux water air purifier doesn’t require more maintenance than changing water.


  • sleep mode
  • diffuser, purifier and humidifier
  • UV light and ionizer

Best Water Air Purifier Revitalizer

EcoGecko Water Air Purifier

This small air purifier is the best for small spaces, then it can effectively neutralize household odors. There is USB cable, so it can be plugged into a USB port or you can use an AC adapter and plug it into wall outlet. It can fit in any wall outlet. The adapter is included in the package.

EcoGecko 75518 Little Squirt Air Cleaner and Revitalizer

Three Colors

The EcoGecko requires a small amount of power. This air purifier that uses water has 4.25 x 4.25 x 5 inches. It comes in silver, white or black color. The price is low. The EcoGecko air purifier has a fan system that brings air into the water. The air pass through the water and the fresh, scent air comes out, so the EcoGeco uses water to filter air.

Blue LED Light

This water air purifier produces very low noise level, it’s actually calming. Also, there is an LED light in a blue color. This light is great as night light. It is a great item for small offices, a bathroom or other smaller rooms. It diffuses fresh air all around, also, it doesn’t produce mist.

EcoGecko 75518 Little Squirt Air Cleaner and Revitalizer review

Good For Allergies

This small water-based air cleaner has only 8 ounces. You can use ordinary essential oil for this water air purifier. This water air revitalizer is made of plastic. Some customers on the Amazon claim that this is the best water air purifier and that it can help with allergies.


  • AC adapter or USB port
  • good for allergies
  • no mist
  • small water air purifier

Best Water Air Purifier For Large Spaces

New Comfort Water Air Purifier

Plastic Material

The New Comfort water air purifier has a similar design like this model above. It is a small-sized air purifier. Its dimensions are 5.4 x 5 x 5 inches. It weighs 11 pounds. The New Comfort needs to be plugged into the outlet. The water bowl is made of plastic.

New Comfort Water Air Purifier

Room Capacity

This is a 5 in 1 product, it works as an air purifier, humidifier, deodorizer, revitalizer and aromatherapy machine. If you want to have a scent air, add some fragrance into the water. The essential oil or fragrance isn’t included in the package. It is intended for large rooms, the New Comfort can cover the space of 350+ square feet.

Works In The Car

The package includes USB cable of 5 V, wall charge adapter and car charger adapter. So, if you want, you can use this air purifier with a water tank in your car and have fresh air during your ride. This water air purifier has locking lid, so the water won’t spill around.

New Comfort Water Air Purifier review

Germs Eliminating

One when you fill the water tank, the New Comfort will operate about 12 hours. Then you need to refill the tank. The New Comfort use high RPM motor. This water air filtration system has LED lights. The lights are changing and there are seven lights. Also, the LED lights eliminate germs.

Quiet Water Air Cleaners For Home

This water-based air purifier operates quietly, it won’t disturb you, so you can use it during the night. The fan brings air into the water and then fresh air comes out from the top of the air purifier. The New Comfort moisturizes the air, so it won’t be dry. The price is affordable.


  • car and wall charger
  • safety locking lid
  • can cover over 350 sq. ft.

Best Water-based Air Purifier & Humidifier

Aprilaire 500 Series Humidifier

Manual Or Automatic

You can choose from two main models, there is a manual and automatic model. The automatic humidifier will monitor the indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity. You just need to set it and this automatic air purifier will adjust its function to indoor conditions. Also, you can choose different sizes.

Aprilaire 500 Series Humidifier

Large Capacity

There are four sizes and all the models are intended for large spaces. This Aprilaire 500 model can cover the space of up to 3000 square feet. So this is the whole house air purifier. But it doesn’t large-sized item. It has a compact design and it can fit in tight spaces. It has 15.6 incehs of width, 13 inches of height and 10.4 incehs of depth.

12 Gallons Per Day

The Aprilaire 500 isn’t a heavy air humidifier, it has about 7 pounds. It has a water capacity of 12 gallons per day. The Aprilaire has dual sensors to monitor the temperature and then it delivers optimum humidity. The package includes a humidifier, transformer of 24 VAC, outdoor temperature sensor, automatic digital control, saddle valve and water panel.

Aprilaire 500 Series Humidifier review

Digital Display

The digital display will show you currently humidity percent, the lights will turn on when the humidifier works, there is an indicator which will show you when you need to change the water panel. Also, there is a Blower Activation switch, so you can set the humidifier to work all the time or only when the furnace runs.


  • dual sensors
  • water-based air humidifier
  • can cover the room of 3000 sq. ft.

Best Swirling Water Air Purifier

Rainbow Rainmate Water Air Purifier

The motor is at the top of this Rainbow model. The motor pulls the air through the agitator which pulling the air through the water. The bubbles in the water keep dust in the water and release the mist. The water changes the color as it becomes cleaner.

Rainbow Rainmate Water Air Purifier

Easy To Maintain It

The Rainbow air purifier has 9 x 8 x 9 inches. It weighs about 3 pounds. It is intended for large space, the Rainbow air purifier has a room capacity of up to 500 square feet. It is easy to maintain it and it’s recommended to clean it once a week. It should be empty and you can clean it with soap and water. After it dry, you can use it again. Use a damp cloth for the top.

Lights On

You can turn on or turn off the lights. If you use this water air purifier when you go to sleep, turn off the lights, so they won’t disturb you. If it runs out of the water, the Rainbow air purifier will automatically shut down. If you use it all day, you need to refill it once a day.

Rainbow Rainmate Water Air Purifier review

120 V Motor

But this water air cleaner isn’t intended for a fight with germs, mold spores and smoke. The Rainbow can reduce dust and some odors in your room, but it isn’t effective with small particles like germs. But it can help you with allergies. It has a motor of 120 V.


  • with or without lights
  • aromatizes indoor air
  • for large spaces
  • use it 24/7

Conclusion: Which Are The Best Two Water Air Purifiers?

These water air purifiers are also humidifiers, so they won’t dry out your indoor air. The best two water-based air purifiers are the Prolux air purifier and the New Comfort air purifier. Prolux is an air purifier, humidifier and aromatherapy diffuser, it has an LED display and it is also ionizer. The New Comfort is designed for homes and for cars, it can cover the space of 350 square feet.

If you want to learn more about air purifiers, you can read the review of the best air purifiers. If you suffer from allergies, you can find those kinds of air purifiers in the post about air purifiers for allergies. If you want to solve odor problems, check out the post about air purifiers with charcoal filters.