The area around the giant urban air purifier is the best place to sit and enjoy deep breathing

Enjoy certified Pure Air in the park

Urban Air Pollution can be eaten and digested by giant Biotech Air Purification Filters, creating bubbles of safe Pure Air Zones.

The project, proposed by U-earth, consists in the creation of an urban[PureAirZoneinagreenspotlocatedbetweenCorsoSvizzeraandViaDeMediciinTurinItalyApublicoutdoorspaceopentoalltreatedbyadisruptivebiologicalairpurificationfiltercapabletosubstantiallyimprovethelivesofmanyandshowtheworldhowthepublicoutdoorareasinintensiveurbancitiescouldbefreefromurbanairpollution[PureAirZoneinagreenspotlocatedbetweenCorsoSvizzeraandViaDeMediciinTurinItalyApublicoutdoorspaceopentoalltreatedbyadisruptivebiologicalairpurificationfiltercapabletosubstantiallyimprovethelivesofmanyandshowtheworldhowthepublicoutdoorareasinintensiveurbancitiescouldbefreefromurbanairpollution

Torino Living Lab is an innovation platform where companies, public administration and citizens are able to test innovative solutions in real context, a whole neighborhood called Campidoglio. The role of innovation is central, including new technologies but also services and new forms of dialogue between public and private, between the City and its citizens.

U-earth, biotech company with European and US bases dedicated to air purification, has developed a completely natural biotechnology which reproduces, in miniaturized form, what Nature normally does to clean up the planet from contaminants. The contaminants are attracted to the AIRcel air purification filter by molecular electric charge, thus not affected by the fact of operating in a non confined space, and are captured and destroyed by harmless selected microorganisms that feed on pollution without producing harmful waste.

Moreover, unlike other innovative systems in the environmental field, U-earth technology benefits from the experience of 20 years of international testing with biological air purification filters, successful case studies on satisfied industrial (odor containment) and medical ( cross contamination) customers and a number of scientific publications. In Italy it has been present for the last eight years during which the Aircel air purification filters have been installed in a number of industrial and hospital contexts, successfully tackling problems that emerged in the professional world and could not be resolved with the technologies currently available on the consumer market.

Today, the challenge expands to urban areas, targeting urban air pollution, also known as smog.

On June 15 the project started: in the gardens between Corso Svizzera and Via De Medici in Torino the air quality monitoring activity has started with the aim to draw a baseline to show the before-and-after effects of the bubble of clean air. U-monitor, an innovative system for monitoring air quality units – winner of the 2016 SMAU innovation award – have been installed.

The devices detect every five minutes different air quality parameters and the data on Urban Air pollution collected in Cloud can be analyzed by U-earth specialists. The simplicity in the use of such a sophisticated technology is made possible by Microsoft AZURE, the cloud computing service that allows the collection and analysis of U-monitor data and makes them accessible through smartphone, tablet or PC.

The data platform is called U-manager and was developed by Microsys, a Microsoft Gold Partner of Milan and Turin.

The acquired data are the starting point for subsequent comparisons, which demonstrates the quality of the results achieved. U-monitor collects different data (VOCs, Odorous Gas, CO, NO2, PM1, PM2.5, T, H) which will be the subject of further analysis and advanced processing, through observation of the dynamics of Urban Air Pollution over time, analysis of the peaks, detection of nocturnal values , correlation of data.

July 11 and July 21 more rounds of environmental samplings targeting Urban Air Pollution have taken place, realized with the help of drones produced by, on which the monitoring stations U-monitor are mounted and set to detect sampling every second, with the aim of drawing a spatial 3D air quality map .

On July 19, the first Urban AIRcel, a biological air purification filter , solar powered by GiocoSolutions, has been installed in a part of the garden. Over the summer, a second sampling of Urban Air Pollution will be organized to examine the first results achieved, while during the month of September a second AIRcel smog free tower will be installed in the adjacent playground and Urban Vegetable Gardens will be placed around the playground to educate the kids to the joy of urban farming in partnership with UNISG, the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo, Slow Food movement Headquarters.

A tight schedule that is only the first stage of a much larger project: from September U-earth will continue its engagement with Torino Living Lab event creating Pure Air Zones in a school in the neighborhood and a hospital in partnership with Fresenius Medical Care.

Pure Air Zone in schools, where children can grow and learn better. Pure Air Zone in hospitals, to heal away from any type of contamination. The action margins of such project are huge and everyone can benefit from it. Pure Air Zone in the workplace, in offices or in public spaces (such as restaurants and shops), to create comfortable and healthy environments which enhance productivity while preserving the health of the individual and limiting the damage caused by premature aging because of poor air quality.

The mission of U-earth is to create a real Green Community based on giving people a choice on the quality of what they breathe. Any company, public or professional environment can become a Pure Air Zone, certified as a monitored and purified space.

A Green Community for the pioneers of change: active citizens driven by conscious choices, with a clear vision of the future. A future where the air becomes pure. A community of individuals who recognize in technology the means to help nature do its work in the most natural and sustainable way possible.

Presented to citizens through the Living Lab project – and initiative of Torino Smart City- , for the moment Pure Air Zone is a project designed for only for companies, but also individual citizens can play an active role, supporting the idea be registering to the Green Community.

U-earth just launched the campaign “Become a member, #iwantpureair “ accessible from the site. Joining the Community will shown the interest for the creation of Pure Air Zones in public places, motivating companies to participate and actively reporting companies who might like to become a Pure Air Zone for the direct benefit of individual members.

A call to action which also extends to the press which, registering to dedicated section on the web site for updates, can play a key role in the dissemination of content accredited by the international scientific community.

Thanks to a Green community created with the aid of data monitoring tools of the air, the benefits of green marketing for clients has an exponential growth potential. A WIN –WIN proposal to improve business by raising quality standares that produces real benefits for all. Health problems such as allergies, respiratory diseases, viral cross-contamination, exposure to air pollution are drastically reduced both for employees and customers. The goal is to make the fresh air an indispensable standards that weaves health and productivity.

U-earth press office:

Filippo pietrantonio

U-earth biotechnologies

Lugano, Switzerland


About U-earth:

U-earth is the first biotech company in the world to deal with Biotech Air Purification filters in a professional environment, market leader in biological air purification through patents and exclusive proprietary technologies, derived from 30 years of scientific research in the USA and in Europe.

It is currently located in Italy, Switzerland, The Netherlands and USA, serving the world from those locations.