This 8-stage ultraviolet air purifier is the best uv air purifier. Compared to ordinary air purifier, this kind of Hepa UV air purifier has germicidal uv light air purification system. So it can not only remove the dust, odor, smoke, mold, allergies, but also has some effect on killing bacteria and viruses. Then you can use uv air cleaner for home, bedroom, office, hotel, beauty salon, spa, shop, or other commercial places. You can buy the 7 in 1 without humidifier or 8 in 1 with humidifier.

Kind note!!! Because this ultraviolet air purifier is high cube cargo, its “package volume weight” is larger than “actual weight”. So the freight depends on the “package volume weight”. And its package size is 47cm*25.5cm*67.5cm, so the “package volume weight” is 47*25.5*67.5/5000=16.18KG. So express companies charge it according to 16.5KG. Moreover, because of COVID-19, all express companies increase the charge a bit, then the freight is higher than normally. So when you order the Hepa uv air purifier, please note it.

About delivery time and shipping: it is in stock, so we can send the UV air purifier soon. We usually send it by Fedex. If ship to Europe and North America, the transportation time is 6~8 days (not including Sunday). Ship to Asia, the shipping time is 3~5 days after shipping. If ship to other countries, please contact us.

How does this ultraviolet air purifier works?

working principle hepa ultraviolet uv air purifier

1. The pre-filter consists of an aluminum frame, a 0.3mm aluminum mesh and a primary efficiency cotton filter. So this filter mainly helps remove large particles like hair, dust, dandruff, etc.

2. The HEPA filter eliminates particles as small as 0.3um with a purification ratio of 99%. So this filter mainly removes dust, bacterial, fungi, viruses, allergens and all tiny particles from penetrating through.

3. The activated carbon filter can effectively remove formaldehyde, benzene, xylene, TVOC, smoke and garbage odors.

4. The molecular sieve purifies air with its strong absorbing ability. It can effectively absorb gas and water molecular with smaller dimension than its aperture diameter. Then this helps rejuvenate the carbon particles, thus lengthening usage time of activated carbon filter.

5. The cold catalyst filtration layer helps eliminate contaminants and viruses such as E-COLI, klebsiella pneumoniae and so on. It works to decompose organic items or compounds and toxic substances such as beneze, ammonia and TVOC.

6. There is also a humidifier inside to mainly keep the air moist after purification. It is purely physical humidifying.

7. The UV light (UVC wave band~253.7nm) can destory the DNA or RNA structure of bacterial and virus. So this hepa uv air purifier has some effect on killing bacterial and virus.

7.The ions are known as “Vitamin in the air” by medical professionals worldwide. With ion generator inside the machine, thus it can release charged ions in the air to refresh the air.

Technical Data of This Best Hepa UV Air Purifier

Appearance Portable Formaldehyde Purification 96%
Power 65w PM2.5 Purification 99.90%
Suitable Room Space 30~70㎡ Sterilizing Rate >90%
Display Type LCD CADR Particulate 428m3/h
Amount of Anion 4*10^7/cm3 CADR Formaldehyde 64.4m3/h
UV Intensity 1800um/cm2 CCM Particulate 12421mg
Circulating Air Volume 480m3/h Purification Grade P4
Purifier Dimensions 425*220*630mm Power Consumption 0.4w
Noise ≤65dB(A) Power Lord 1.8m
Input 110V/220V, 50Hz/60Hz Sensor Dust sensor
Main Material ABS Wind Speed low/ medium/ high/ super
Filter Pre-filter: aluminum, L397*W291*H6mm
HEPA filter: H12 grade, L397*W291*H25mm
Activated carbon filter: L397*W290*H13mm
Function~8 in 1 primary filter,Hepa filter, activated carbon,
molecular sieve, cold catalyst, UV light, ion, humidifier

Why choose our UV air cleaner?

  1. 1. High Quality Thickened Filter

hepa activated cabon fliter

Our Hepa filter reaches H12 grade. Moreover, the thickened HEPA filter and activated carbon filter strongly absorb pollen, PM2.5, dust, TVOC and other fine particles. And the thickness of Hepa filter is 35mm. The thickenss of carbon filter is 15mm.

2. Real-time Monitoring of Air Quality

air quality indicator for ultraviolet air purifier

Our best uv air purifier has the air quality indicator. So it can monitor indoor air quality in real time.

3. Intelligent Operation, Multi-function Control Panel

control panel of uv air purifier

Intelligent colored LCD display. You can see the air condition in the house at a glance. At the same time, you adjust it at will. And you can control this hepa uv air purifier with our remote control. Besides, the UV air purifier is with children lock. It can protect the children from getting access to the internal fan.

4. Double Power-off Protection Design

protection design of ultraviolet air purifier

This ultraviolet air purifier has a built-in micro mechanical gyro vertical device. So when the purifier is tilted 45 °, the chip of the device will cut off the power. On the other hand, when the air purifier returns to 90 °, it will automatically restore power.

Moreover, the front cover is equipped with a pressure sensor chip. So when the front cover is not installed well or the front cover is opened, the air purifier will automatically power off.

5. Humidification Function


Through the purified air flow, the moisture in the humidification filter is brought into the air, thus humidifying the air. How to use the humidifier? Firstly open the cap of the water inlet. Secondly add clean water. Then tighten the cover. Finally, insert the filter into the humidifier tank.

How to use this ultraviolet air purifier?

use apply the air purifier

Notice when use this best uv air purifier:

1. Do not use the purifier in wet area;
2. Keep the uv light air purifier away from water vapor and fumes. Don’t use it in the kitchen;
3. Do not place the air purifier next to fire or any heat source;
4. Do not use alcohol or organic to clean it;
5. Unplug the power lord correctly and firmly in case of lord broken;
6. Keep doors and windows closed;
7. Do not dissemble the ultraviolet air purifier by unprofessional personnel;
8. Do not block air outlet;
9. Unplug the machine while not working;
10. Do not operate with wet hands.

Problems How to check?
1. Hepa UV air purifier not turning on Examine whether the power cord is connected properly
Check if the front panel is closed properly
Check if the air purifier is placed flat on the ground
2. The air quality indicator is always red in color Sensor may be influenced by water
vapor, fumes, sprays. Test the machine
in another clean environment.
3. Abnormal smells existed Clean the filters and place the activated
carbon filter in the sun for 1-3 hours. Or replace a new activated carbon filter.
4. The pollutants are not
removed but noise keeps louder
Clean HEPA filter and activated carbon filter or replace new filters
5. Air flow is reduced Check if the filter is placed properly
Clean and/or replace the filters


Q1: Why is the LED display of the hepa uv air purifier not working?
A1: Please check if the power supply is connected.

Q2: Why is the filter reset light flashing all the time?
A2: The flashing light indicates filters have reached its usage time (3000hours). Please change the filters, then press “AUTO”+ “TIMER” for time recounting again.

Q3: Why has the running noise increased?
A3: A large amount of dust has accumulated in the filter, please clean the filter with a vacuum cleaner or replace a new filter.

Q4: Why are the indoor Pm2.5 concentrations remaining high?
A4: Dust may have accumulated on the sensor. Please clean the sensor. Also, please check if windows and doors are closed, make sure they are closed.

Q5: Why the air flow has reduced after working for some time?
A5: Dust may have accumulated on the filters while working. Please the filters regularly or replace new filters.

Q6: Can we clean the filters?
A6: Yes, the pre-filter can be washed and used repeatedly. For HEPA and activated carbon filter, they can be cleaned with vacuum cleaner regularly. But when reaching to 3000hours, you need to replace for new filters.

Q7: How long can the filter be used?
A7: HEPA and activated carbon filters can be used for about 3000hours.It is suggested to replace new filters every 6-12 months. If the using area is heavy polluted, it is suggested to replace every 4 months.

Q8: How long is warranty of the ultraviolet air purifier?
A8. The warranty of our uv air purifier is 1 year.

Q9: What’s certificate do you have?
A9. This best UV air purifier has CE certificate and inspection report.

Q10: Is your Hepa UV air purifier safe?
A10. Sure. Our UV air purifier is different from UV lamp. The ultraviolet will not leak. And there are double power-off protection. At the same time, there is the child lock set to to protect children. In the end, this air purifier will produce ozone.