Maybe you’ve been excited about it, maybe you’ve been dreading it—but either way, colder days are here. Fortunately, with the right clothes, you can extend your outdoor time (read: socializing time) throughout the fall and winter—and without dropping hundreds on high-tech cold-weather gear. The key to staying warm as the weather cools is finding the right layers, which trap heat around your body. And no brand offers better and more affordable layers than Uniqlo, which carries two of our favorite secret weapons for fighting off chills: Heattech clothes and down puffer jackets.

Heattech is a proprietary fabric made by Uniqlo that absorbs moisture while retaining heat through air pockets woven into the fabric. If that’s too technical, let us simplify things: It works. Like, really works.

Heattech Crew Neck [Photo: courtesy Uniqlo]

One FC editor swears by Heattech undershirts and leggings to get her through cold New York winters. The oh-so-cozy fabric comes in a huge variety of styles and shapes, so whether you’re hoping to add a core-insulating tank top underneath a dress shirt, don an attractive, yet discreet scoop neck underneath a cardigan or low-necked sweater, or throw on a tailored crew-neck tee and call it a day, Uniqlo has a style that will fit into your wardrobe.

For your lower half, the company makes surprisingly cozy ultra-stretch pants, layerable leggings, and even tights that will keep you warm even when you have to be dressed up. And who could forget about the Heattech socks and leg warmers? (As if there weren’t variety enough, most undershirts also come in two levels of Heattech: regular and extra warm. We recommend extra warm if you’re planning to spend significant time outside in these clothes.)

This incredibly convenient technology isn’t limited to the women’s section either. Men can enjoy Heattech shirts, long johns, dress pants, and more. You can also find cute miniature versions for kids and even toddlers—so say goodbye to stuffing your little ones into bulky, clumsy layers. The technology is so good, they even make standalone blankets out of it now.

Ultra Light Down Vest [Photo: courtesy Uniqlo]

If you’re looking for something lightweight and easy to top your outfit off, we recommend Uniqlo’s ultralight down jackets and vests for women and men. These pillowy shells can be folded down to the size of a notebook and stuffed into a purse or backpack during sunny days but are full of plush down feathers that will keep you cozy even as the temperatures drop into the 40s and 30s at night. And they’re all available for under $100.

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