• nanoe® is effective in suppressing up to 99.99% viruses and bacteria such as Influenza Virus(H1N1,H5N1), Escherichia Coli(O157) ane Staphylococcus Aureus(MRSA)#
  • nanoe® penetrates into fabrics thoroughly and inhibits allergens and removes odors#
  • nanoe® generates through condensation and ionization of moisture in air, eliminates the need of nanoe® unit replacement
  • HEPA Composite Filter can remove PM0.003 up to 99.995%^ and inhibits allergens
  • Deodorizing filter removes odor such as smokes from cigarettes and pets
  • Humidifying function helps resolve allergies and asthma symptoms
  • The 3D circulation airflow removes pollutants effectively, focuses on the area 30cm above from the floor
  • 「Mega Catcher」maximizes the suction capacity to reduce air pollution level
  • ECONAVI customizes the operation mode to fit your lifestyle. Energy saved up to 60%
  • Human sensor can estimate indoor air quality by detecting human activities, air purifier sucks in dust and fine particles quickly before spreading in room
  • Odor / Dirt sensor
  • Humidity sensor
  • Light sensor
  • Air quality indicator
  • Humidity indicator
  • Timer
  • Sleep mode
  • Fan speed settings:(Low / Medium / High)
  • Operation Mode:(Manual / Auto)
  • Maximum humidifying capacity:700mL/h
  • Water Tank Capacity:3.5L
  • Child lock
  • Colour:White
  • @Applicable area(Air purifying):52m² (approx. 560ft²)
  • Dimension(H x W x D):636 x 398 x [245+(Foot:20)]mm
  • HEPA Composite Filter:F-ZXKP70Z
    Suggested HEPA Composite Filter Life Time:10 (years)
    Cleaning Method:Vacuum Cleaner

  • Deodorizing Filter:F-ZXFD70Z
    Suggested Deodorizing Filter Life Time:10 (years)
    Cleaning Method:Replace

  • Humidifying Filter:F-ZXKE90Z
    Suggested Humidifying Filter Life Time:10 (years)
    Cleaning Method:Water
  • (Optional filter) Formaldehyde, HEPA & Deodorizing 3-in-1 Filter:F-ZXSS70Z
    (Replace HEPA Composite Filter & Deodorizing Filter)
    Suggested HEPA Composite Filter Life Time:2 (years)
    Cleaning Method:Vacuum Cleaner

    * The life time of filters change according to the use situation
    # For testing details, please browse:http://www.plshk.panasonic.hk/upload_files/nanoe_evidence.pdf
    **Test laboratory:Shanghai Institute of Measurement and Testing Technology
    ^ Test laboratory : Institute for Energy and Environmental Technology (IUTA)

**The filter can give off unique and harmless smell of “Green Tea Catechin”,”Anti-bacterial Enzymes” and “Super Alleru-buster”.

@ Floor area capacity is based on JEM1467, under the condition of Hi speed. (Japan Electrical Manufacturers’ Association)