To get the best water with good quality at this time may be very difficult

Various water problems for daily needs have become headlines, especially in big cities.

do not use the water used for drinking water.

For household water needs, clean water is still needed

Meanwhile, using safe water for consumption is an obligation.

For this reason, well water filters and water filters have been developed to improve water quality.

Starting from the carbon filter sand filter model to reverse osmosis

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filter air
filter air

tap water filters for drinking sell at low prices

The definition of a water filter is a water filter machine that functions to filter drinking water

The well water filter in question is a combination of tools or tanks in which there is a filter media with a predetermined mesh size.

the function of the media is to filter water from water sources so that it can be used for household activities such as boiling water and others

In other words, the quality of clean water must be safe for consumption by Indonesians in every area

The water filtering process must be able to be operated easily so that it does not make it difficult for consumers to use

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According to wikipedia There are four types of filters, namely

Fast water well filter strainer with media

Fast filters are used for non reverse osmosis drinking water treatment processes

This water filter for community needs to obtain the best water is usually used for the Pamsimas program

The clean water filter is placed on the media in the construction of the filter product.

This tool is proven to be able to solve water problems through a simple and safe water filter for the maintenance process

Using this quick filtered water for household water needs beforehand check the quality.

To make a well water filter for daily needs the price is very cheap

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Upstream faucet water filter

filtering process of upstream faucets to remove impurities carried in waterways

Serves to neutralize the TSS content or dirt carried away, commonly called hardness

How to open and operate the drinking water filter is done manually

For the needs of special water filtration, a special water purifying agent is required.

Activated carbon is also suitable for use in water for filter media

Slow filter

Treatment of clean water using slow filters is a simple water treatment concept

processing is carried out using a physical method.

The filter is slow and the filtering process is carried out without chemicals

The surface of the filter media consists of a layer of gravel which functions to reduce iron and manganese

The water treatment process with slow sand filters can be applied to river water

The system used from a water source is flowed from the bottom to the top up flow

One of the drinking water treatment processes that is often carried out, especially during the dry season

Filter pressure

Pressure filters are also used as filters for drinking water needs

This filter tube uses water as a pressure medium into the media contained in it

This system is widely used on a daily basis from households to building needs

Even for refill water filters also use this model water filter

The technique used is to use a carbon filter sand filter and reverse osmosis

Pressure filter is a filter product that is safe for filtering clean water

To get the best water, this well water filter uses filter sand with a certain mesh level

to solve the problem of water using this tool as a filter for cooking and other tap water

Pressure gauge is also used to measure pressure in a tube

These three methods are widely used in the water industry worldwide.

The first two filter models require the use of flocculant chemicals to work effectively

The price of this type of water filter tends to be more expensive

Meanwhile a slow sand filter can produce very high quality water

With 90% to 99% pathogen removal (depending on type), taste and smell without the need for chemicals.

Besides being used in water treatment plants, water filters are also used for water purification in households because they use readily available and easily available materials.

For installation in the field, usually the Sand Filter will be combined with a Carbon filter, this tank is the same model that distinguishes only the media and its function

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well water filter
well water filter

Water filter tube filter with pump engine

The most practical and economical concept of water filtration is to use a tube system

By relying on a balanced static pressure pressure

This water treatment system is very effective for getting clean water

the material used for its manufacture can be mild steel tank or fiber tube filter

FRP filter tube is applied up to a pressure of 5 bar

FRP 1054 to 3672 tank sizes are available

As for the large capacity and high pressure

The use of mild steel material is preferred

Because with a balanced thickness of fertilizer can withstand water pressure up to 8 bar

water filter function application

Installation of the filter filter for water is used to reduce coarse impurities

To filter dirt that is finer and dissolved in water

Higher processing techniques such as ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis are required.

Use of activated carbon media and silica sand in drinking water filters

Has the function of reducing iron and other harmful substances

To find out whether clean water is suitable for use

The type of water filter with smaller pores will get maximum results

Filtering water to remove dirt is better than no effort at all

Like refilled water, to remove impurities in the raw water we must first identify the source water

After knowing the contents both chemical and biological

We just designed the concept of the right water treatment system