So maybe you’ve noticed some smells in your house you’d rather live without; your housemate won’t stop frying cabbage and is chain-smoking, and it’s driving you nuts. Or maybe you wake up in the morning and sneeze your way down to the kitchen because of the dusty mardi-gras happening in your nostrils from airborne pollutants or mold.

Thankfully, you don’t need to suffer these annoyances anymore. You may have looked into a dehumidifier or air purifier before, maybe you’ve seen one in a brick & mortar outlet and had a passing interest, but just didn’t know enough about them or how to pick the right one for you.

The two devices may seem so similar that choosing between them seems like a negligible consideration. But you’d be wrong.

Yes, both devices seek to clean your air and catch the invisible airborne nasties that plague your home, but the devil’s in the details, and the devil’s name is mold. Most people somehow know mold when they smell it, and they’re often correct.
There are many reasons why mold can appear in your home, from a badly applied plumbing job, general wear and tear to old pipes, damp, or poor cleanliness, whatever the reason; you more than likely want it gone, and we recommend you go out and acquire a dehumidifier. Just don’t forget to cut off mold at the source, or your problem will persist and potentially get worse and cause damage to your home.

If mould is not your top concern, but you experience allergies from airborne pollutants; dust, pollen etc, or you simply cannot stand to smell one more bowl of your husbands attempted “pasta” in the house for a week, long after the fire brigade have been and gone, then an air purifier is for you.

But Which one do I get?

Now we’ve established what kind of device is needed in your home, let’s go through our top picks for both categories, and explain why they may be right or wrong for you.


dimplex forte dehumidifier

Dimplex Forte

Designer Casing
10L Capacity

This small quiet portable electric dehumidifier is ideal for use within the home – Basements, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms.This dehumidifier features a larg 10L capacity and is a great choice for families or those who feel a dehumidifier will look clunky and out of place with a more sleek and subtle look.


sealey dehumidifer

Sealey Domestic Dehumidifier

10L Capacity

This no-frills dehumidifier will extract up 10L of water a day and removes excess moisture in the air to prevent the build-up of harmful mildew and mould, as well as improving health and relieving symptoms of allergies, mites, and other skin/respiratory irritations.

It simply gets the job done and is ideal for kitchens, bathrooms.


sealey combo dehumidifier

Sealey Combo

1000W | A Energy Rated
Industrial Size & Heater

A step-up for commercial & industrial use, this portable thermostatically controlled air conditioner/dehumidifier from Sealey helps keep rooms warm and extract excess moisture. It’s ideal for basements and warehouses, especially for keeping stock in optimum conditions e.g instruments or wood products. With an electronic remote control, a two-speed fan, an exhaust hose, and window kit, you have total control over how you want this unit to perform.

This unit allows for heating between 17°C and 30°C.

Air Purifiers

sealey 4-in-1 purifier

Sealey 4-in1


The Sealey 4-in-1 Air Cooler/Heater/Fan/Humidifier and Air Purifier Unit allows you to warm up or cool down with the integral fans and refrigerant-free cooling system, as well as providing an air purifier and humidifier to allow for cleaner air.

It is made with a negative ion generator to allow for cleaner air, a 3-speed fan, and a timer to allow for your preferred running times.


xpelair family air purifier

Xpelair Family Air Purifier

45W | A Energy Rated
5 Stage cleaning proscess, air quality indicator

This unit blends great functionality with subtle design, with a 5 stage filtration process across 3 filter types. You won’t even notice it when you have it, but you will notice when you don’t. Packed with clever features including a timer, and air quality indicator as this unit constantly monitors the passage of particles through the unit.


sealey humidifier

Sealey Humidifier

70W / 1000W/2000W
4-in-1 Purifier, Humidifier, Fan, and Heater

Solve 4 problems for the price of one with this humidifier from Sealey. This unit is ideal for bedrooms and small apartments or offices all year round, and features oscillation, sleep timer, and 3-speed fan settings.