r/AirPurifiers - Which is the best air purifier in market today?

Air purifiers may be seen as fashion but its advantages exceed its cost. And Due to this Coronavirus Pandemic having an air purifier is a must thing nowadays.

If you have a resident in Delhi then you should be aware of the environmental conditions of Delhi. It is getting worse day by day and air pollution is a major concern.

The government is taking all possible actions to control coronavirus, but the penetration of this virus is very much. Hence I have sorted Best Air Purifiers For Home In Delhi.

So we should take all possible actions to control the air quality, indoors and outdoors so that air gets controlled. For this air purifier is must thing to have in a home in Delhi

But there are lots of models in air purifier space, finding a right one seems tricky for you, You want to make sure to choose the right one to fulfill your problem.In simple words, choose the right air purifier for home in Delhi.

The articles are divided into parts, the first parts are the best 5 air purifiers and the second part is all relevant information regarding the air purifiers.


Why Air Purifier ;

After this coronavirus crisis, a good Air purifier that purifies germs and viruses has become important to have in the room, as there are chances to spread the virus through the air.

Sadly everyone is talking about outdoor air pollution very fewer people are concerned bout indoor air quality, I feel both indoor and outdoor air quality issues should be taken seriously.

As you know, Metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Banglore, Hyderabad are the most polluted cities in India, and sometimes in Delhi, the air quality index reaches AQI 450 which is hazardous to health. There is a need for Best Air Purifiers For Home In Delhi.

How To Select Air Purifier?  Buying Guide ;

True HEPA filter; Not just HEPA filter but a True HEPA filter is just as it purifies Particles below 2.5 PM (Particulate Matter) effectively, which are dust particles, germs, and viruses.

CADR And Coverage Area; Clean Air Delivery Rate should be generally between 300-400m3/hour.And coverage area should be according to your room size.

Brand; Study the brand before buying, A Good Brand Air Purifier will help you in a lot of ways such as Air purification efficiency, warranty,after-sales service, filter replacement time, and many more.

Noise; The products that I reviewed all are almost Noiseless, Research if the fan speed doesn’t may much noise at high speed,

Advance features; Look for the additional features other than air purification such as child lock, auto mode, night mode, Fan speed, Noise, etc

If you looking for the Best Air Purifiers For Home In Delhi then this article is for you. Our team has researched thoroughly and finalized these reviews. You don’t need to read any other article or watch a youtube video.

Best Air Purifiers For Home In Delhi.

1) Dyson Cool Link Tower;

r/AirPurifiers - Which is the best air purifier in market today?

Purification Efficiency: 99.95%
          Coverage Area: 355 sq. ft
          True HEPA; Yes
          Rotation; Approx 360°

Sadly, everybody is talking about outdoor air quality but no one is talking about indoor air quality, which is of the utmost importance.

From dust particles entering your home to dust included in your indoor products such as paint, the air quality is unhealthy. Thus air purifiers like Dyson Cool Link Tower have become the utmost importance for you.

It comes with both fan and air purification technology and Dyson, some advanced features such as detailed display, showing pollutants available in the room, a purifier mode, and much more.

Hence Philips air purifier comes under the category of Best Air Purifiers For Home In Delhi.


In terms of features, Dyson Cool Link Tower has quite good features in the air purification industry. Dyson which is Best Air Purifiers For Home In Delhi is a UK brand launched this product in 2018 and performed well since then.

The best of it is comes with 99.95% purification efficiency, which removes (PM 0.1 TO 2.5 PARTICLES)dust, pollen, mold spores, bacteria and other harmful gases/odors, which is quite good as compared to other products

It comes with two filters which are Carbon filter-Used to remove gases and HEPA filter-used to remove small particles less than PM 2.5 such as dust particles.

Another thing that makes it unique is oscillation technology, Oscillation lets the fan rotate, cooling a wider area. As you tap the button, you can select the oscillation angle: 45, 90, 180, and 350 degrees.

It comes with a remote and mobile connectivity technology that allows you to control your Dyson air purifier at the tip of your hands.

It gives you a detailed figure about all purifiers can display readings for PM2.5 (very fine particles less than 2.5-micrometers that can make their way into your lungs); PM10 (particles less than 10 micrometers, which can bring on asthma attacks and cause breathing problems.

You can adjust the airflow manually by mobile app or remote when needed, but the best way is to Turn On auto mode, and automatically it will purify the air according to the air quality of the room.

Night mode dims the light and lowers the noise of fan speed so that you don’t get disturbed while you are asleep.

Another best thing is it comes with reverse airflow technology, that it blows out of the back, rather than the front. Purification power remains the same, which makes it useful in winters.


Honestly, Design does not matter at all as the work of an air purifier is to purify the air and not look good. Although there are some important points.

It comes with a vertical design that has 360-degree rotation with a weight of 6.65 kg and can be adjusted anywhere in the house.

It looks like a high-end purifier when placed in a room.


The fan of Dyson air purifier ar super quite, though the fan speed is high, You can hardly hear the fan sound in a quiet room. On max speed, the sound is about 64.8 decibels

Some might feel that it is inefficient and also it does not show CADR, but by measuring air quality index it feels alright. And most important, it is a well-established brand in Uk launched in India.

Airflow is also impressive as it gives air movement at 1.6m/sec at 1 meter. At minimum speed, you get the gentle stream.

Although not having CADR reading, the air purifier was managed to return the normal air levels in 2 min after pasting pesticides which is a good thing.

Specifications ;

True HEPA; Yes
Rotation; Approx 360°
Warranty; 2 years
Price; 35,900 (may vary little)
Mobile Connectivity; Yes
Remote; Yes
Filter Exchange; After 1 year
Purification Efficiency; 99.95%
Coverage Area: 355 sq. ft
Energy Consumption; 58 watts
Max Sound level; 64.4 dBA
Air Quality Indicator; Yes


  • Good efficiency (99.95%)

  • 360° rotation
    (for better air purification)

  • Certified Asthma
    & Allergy Friendly by AAFA.

  • Mobile & Remote Connectivity.

  • Ten-speed settings.



If you want an all-round performance, the Dyson Pure Cool Tower, which is a renowned brand in this market is a good choice.
It comes with 99.95% efficiency and 360° rotation which makes it unique


2) Philips AC2887;

3) Coway Sleek Air Purifier;

4) Philips AC1215/20 Air Purifier;