If you’re a smoker or live in a household with a smoker, an air purifier is an essential appliance. Passive smoke can be just as dangerous as inhaling it directly from a cigarette. Smoking sends a lot of harmful particles into the air which can be difficult to get out. These cancer-causing particles travel to other rooms of a home even when doors are closed. Eliminating these particles in your home is critical to the health of all household members.

The question is whether or not an air purifier can really take cigarette smoke out of the air.

How Do They Work?

Air purifiers work by pulling air into their systems and circulating the cleaned air back into the room. The most important step takes place inside through the filter system. The air goes through the filter which removes the harmful particles before the cleansed air is sent back into the room.

Eliminating Cigarette Smoke

There are air purifiers that will eliminate smoke odor from the air. Not all will eliminate the harmful particles from the smoke though.

HEPA Air Purifiers

If the particles need to be eliminated from the air, choose an air purifier that can handle the job. HEPA filters are great because they are designed specifically for this purpose. Be sure to read the box to be sure that the purifier will remove not only smoke odor but also the harmful particles caused by the smoke.

Carbon Air Purifiers

These types of purifiers are great for trapping smoke odors and chemicals. The pores in the cloth filter trap the harmful elements. These usually come with HEPA technology as well which allows the purifier to clean the air better.

Alternative Models

There are air purifiers that are made specifically for the purpose of ridding the air of the harmful chemicals that cigarettes put into the household environment. They come in all shapes and sizes to fit into any room. Choose the model that best suits the needs of the room where it will be placed considering size. You can also consider opting for a built-in central air filtration system.

Other Smoke Issues

Even if there is not a smoker in the home, smoke and chemicals can seep in from other apartments within a complex. They can also enter through open windows as people who smoke are walking by. Sometimes, you may entertain company who will light up in the house. An air purifier can be helpful in any of these situations.

When to Run Them

Air purifiers should be run continuously if the smoker lives and smokes within the home or if smoke is seeping in from other apartments. Otherwise, they can be run only when necessary. Turn the purifier off when no longer needed to save on running costs and wear on your unit.

While an an air purifier has positive benefits in any household it is an essential appliance in households with smokers. Be sure to clean the unit as necessary and replace filters before they get too dirty.