Winix is a Korean air-purifier company that has been around since the 70’s, and Their latest line of Hepa,Carbon, Plasmawave (Hydroxyl Generator) is on sale for 50% off for the new year.

The P450 is their best air purifier, and is on sale for 149$, I bought mine for 161$ (free shipping+tax) Normal Price is 330$+

Here are the P450 Specifications

AHAM Cerified SqFt: 450SqFt

Square Feet Per minute: 50/110/175/290 (low,med,high,turbo)

CADR Rating: 298/343/291 (Dust/Pollen/Smoke)

Air quality Sensor type: VOC

Comes with Remote

3 Stage Purifier: Activated Carbon(Smoke/odors) / True HEPA(Everything Else 0.3microns) / PlasmaWave (Hydroxyl Gen. – think Ozone Ionizer but safe to breath, airborne viruses and naturally destroys things the other two cannot effect)

Sound Levels: 27 Db

Wattage: 110W

Weight: 18.7 LBS

3 Year Warranty

Please Note, There was a Special Edition version of The P Series “Signature series” that was labled “U300-450” For some reason I could not find the U300 or U450 for sale on the North American Website, but I could find them on the European website, although they are not hugely discounted and the price differences are insane (400 € = 443$ for U450 vs 149$ P450)

The signature series use the same exact system as the P series, Except in regards to the internal filter set- The U series comes with a all-in-one contained Filters, with a silver finish instead of the normal black. The biggest difference from what I can tell is that, and that the prebuilt set that it comes in also has a pre-filter equipped onto it’s chassis which catches the largest things found floating about in the air, think hair and the likes, all it really does is preserve the HEPA and Carbon filters for much longer than normal.

According to multiple reviews I’ve watched, these filters are interchangeable between the two series, so you can actually put the U-series filters into the P-series with 0 side-effects, and visa versa, and the U-series filters are available on the NA site, and are also discounted (only 10$ off if you sign in), so I will link them as well.

They might say “washable filters” but under no circumstance put them into a washer, or use water to “wash” them, use a vacuum, or just dust the filters off, they should last a year without being cleaned, but you will extend their life-span by doing this, just don’t damage them physically or with water.

This deal is probably the best air-purifier you can get on the market at this entry-level pricetag (these will absolutely outperform any other at this price) (heavy-duty, will service an entire apartment) (U-450 upgrade filter, optional will extend life of all filters good buy for your first replacement after a year or so) (Medium – will service a Decently sized room) (U300 upgrade filter, optional same as before) (Small – Good for small rooms, small workplaces) (U-150 was never made)

Oh yeah I forgot to mention, a lot of people were reporting that you “cant turn the plasmawave off” This is false, in the manual and just from experience you can turn it off by holding down the “auto” button.

Here’s some useful links (the review that convinced me to get mine) (Winix’s explaination of the plasmawave system) (Hydroxyl vs Ozone explaination) in-depth Hydroxyl guide