Manufacturer: Xiaomi
Model: Mi Air Purifier Pro (AC-M3-CA)

Large area coverage and excellent cleaning options

Are you happy ? How you measure happiness ? Does this include staying healthy by eating organic food and exercising regularly ? And the air you breathe ? Don’t you think that you know that breathing fresh air will make you healthier and happier ? For most people, this is, unfortunately, a part they tend to miss.

Mi Air Purifier Pro is the culmination of all previous purification technology that Xiaomi has made into an easy-to-use product. This will make your home healthier, as it has a high-precision laser to detect the smallest contaminants, boards for one of the sharpest OLED displays you have ever seen have one of the best results for achieving Clear Air Delivery Rate (CADR) that can clean indoor air up to 60 square meters!

  • 500 m3 / h CADR
  • applicable area 35m2 – 60m2
  • OLED display
  • intelligent application management
  • precision laser sensor

Particle removal CADR – 500 m³ / h

Mi Air Purifier Pro is equipped with an advanced air sealing system that allows you to change the air in your room 8 times an hour! This means that air rushes through the purifier every 7.5 minutes. Mi Air Purifier Pro has a 360-degree air intake system that resembles an “air tree”. It absorbs unhealthy debris such as PM2.5 dust or particles and emits clean air. This air purifier does its job so well that you don’t want to go out.

Updated aerodynamic pressure system

Mi Air Purifier Pro works very quietly so that it can be used at night without disturbing your sleep. And the secret to this lies in the improved filter design. The axial fan and the air duct are combined, which not only helps to reduce noise, but also for a smoother and stronger air flow.

Multi-stage air filtration system

The air you breathe has a huge impact on your health, so you need to have an air purifier with a modern filtration system. Mi Air Purifier Pro uses a three-step filtration process, as it is not possible to effectively eliminate microbes in one step. This device can reduce all hazardous particles such as hair, pollen, dust and much more serious allergens such as PM2.5 or formaldehyde.

Basic filter grill to combat larger particles

The first stage of filtration involves the capture of large particles such as human hair and dust. The grille is made of PET (saturated polyester), so it is strong, acid-adaptable and oil-repellent. After some months use the grill will still be effective in capturing disturbing contaminants.

TORAY air filter to get rid of air particles of 0.3 microns

The filter made by TOREY is activated during the second filtration stage. It allows the neutralization of pollutants smaller than a micron, such as PM2.5, which are a major problem. It has low wind resistance, which actually results in a lack of noise and thus makes it ideal for night work.

Activated carbon filter to destroy formaldehyde and odors

The filter does a great job of removing odors. You can place Mi Air Purifier Pro in your kitchen and get rid of unpleasant odors quickly every time something burns in the oven or when you forget to take out the trash. This cleaning device is also great if you have messy pets in your home, as the smell of pets can stay for a long time and it takes a lot of effort to make your habitat smell neutral again. Mi Air Purifier Pro is also useful in places where repairs are carried out and in the bathrooms.

The OLED display shows the air quality in real time

Mi Air Purifier Pro is equipped with a digital OLED display, which gives you the latest information about the concentration of harmful microorganisms in the air, humidity level, temperature, Wi-Fi settings and more. The purifier also supports sleep mode.

The tricolor indicator informs about the air quality

  • Mi Air Purifier Pro x1
  • Filter x1
  • Power cord x1
  • User Guide x1

The multi-color indicator, which looks like a colored edge around the edges of the display, will show the actual air quality and will be red if the quality is poor, orange if it is good enough and green if the air is clean again. Mi Air Purifier Pro there is also an automatic mode that captures air pollution in your room and adjusts its settings to increase its efficiency.


  • Power: 1.5 ~ 66W
  • Dimensions: 735 × 260 × 260 mm
  • Weight: 9.7 kg
  • CADR (purification rate): 500 m3 / h
  • Area: 35m2 ~ 60m2
  • Screen: OLED display
  • Wireless connection: WIFI module 802.11b / g / n
  • Laser particle sensor
  • Temperature and humidity sensor
  • Automatic mode
  • Light sensor
  • Sleep mode
  • Child protection
  • Adjusting the air flow rate

In the package:

  • Mi Air Purifier Pro x1
  • Filter x1
  • Power cord x1
  • User Guide x1

Product also known as MiAirPurifierPro